How to Keep a Colorful Daily Journal

I was happy to find this post, where the author talks about owning lots of journals and wanting to be better about filling them:

Do any of you have any suggestions for how I can really get on track with writing/drawing at least a little bit every single day?

But best of all, she linked to an amazing illustrator whose work I was unfamiliar with, named David Fullarton. These images knocked me out:

Not only do I love the style of his art, I’m dying to know what kind of notebook he’s using with that page format–perhaps some sort of lab notebook?

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7 Responses to “How to Keep a Colorful Daily Journal”

  1. Wow – very cool! I too would love to know what notebook that is.

  2. Definitely cool, nice find! 😉

  3. […] couple months ago I posted about the artist David Fullarton and wondered where I could get a notebook like the one he used for his work. Well, it turns out I […]

  4. That’s a great notebook! The format is very original, and shows that you can keep a visual journal on any format paper. I found keeping a journal was much easier when I just write one sentence a day. My one-sentence journal usually has a hand-drawn image (I’m not an illustrator, but it’s my journal, so I’m happy) about the weather, something I’ve done, or just a design that pleases me. I journal more often, and it records my journey.

  5. Could it be an Elan Field Book? I found these at×4.aspx Just saying.

  6. […] David Fullarton is one of my favorite notebook artists. He usually works in engineer’s notebooks, but now he’s given Moleskine a whirl: I was never a big fan of Moleskine notebooks. They always seemed so damn precious and overpriced with their pretentious history printed inside and that fancy-dan knicker elastic to keep your place. But someone gave me one for nothing a couple of years ago, and since it was free I used it. A lot. And I have to admit I ended up liking it. Almost enough to actually pay for the next one. […]

  7. I am going to be looking up this artist love the drawings.

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