Andrew Motion’s Notebooks

Andrew Motion, the poet laureate of Britain, was interviewed recently and I noticed this remark: My notebooks are Ordning & Reda from Selfridges — blank pages for poetry, lined for prose. I’d never heard of Ordning & Reda so I had to investigate, of course! Here’s their website: Now is it just me or […]

Notebooks for Emotional Comfort

I guess it’s better than eating a pint of Haagen Dazs! See, when most girls are upset they buy themselves ice cream, candy, clothing, shoes…anything of that sort, but when I’m upset, the best way to cheer myself up is to hang out in the nearest notebook aisle in a local store and just splurge […]

Moleskine Volant Notebooks

I bought a set of Moleskine Volant notebooks recently. I had ordered something else from Amazon and needed to tack something on to get that free shipping, so I figured what the heck! But now I’m not sure what to do with them! They’re nice notebooks– much more substantial than the Cahiers: sturdier, smoother cover […]

“What’s In Your Moleskine” Contest

Chronicle Books, the US distributor of Moleskine, is having a contest: In celebration of creativity and imagination, Moleskine is looking for readers to share photos and comments about their Moleskines. Email pictures of what’s in your Moleskine to with the subject line “MOLESKINE.” Five submissions will be randomly selected to receive a Free Moleskine […]

Do You Remember Your First Notebook?

I don’t remember my first notebook, but my mother claims I was folding up pieces of paper into little books and carrying them around with me from at least the age of 3! Later, I remember having those little square datebooks that Hallmark shops used to give away for free–the ones that listed all the […]

Canteo Notebook Review

Here’s a review of a Canteo notebook (previously mentioned here) with some close-up photos of the interior. More praise for the Canteo at this blog: 1) I love paper, notebooks, books, pens – and new ways to keep my things organized. 2) I love things that are unique. 3) I really like things that are […]

Irene Nemirovsky’s Notebook

The New York Times recently published a review of an exhibition called “Women of Letters,” at the Museum of Jewish Heritage. The article focused on Irene Nemirovsky, author of the bestselling Suite Française. Here are two photos featuring the notebook she used to write a draft of the novel before her tragic death in Auschwitz. […]

Colored Post-It Flags in a Moleskine

I like the way this person has set up a page of post-its in the back of his Moleskine, so much so that I had to try it myself! Unfortunately, when I did it in a hardcover Moleskine, I felt like the notebook wouldn’t close far enough. In a softcover notebook, the flexible cover allows […]

Notebooks in Action: Happy Travelers

I was on a business trip when I spotted these folks at Laguardia, obviously enjoying their travels, which the wife was recording in a journal!

Another Notebook Addict

This person has 15 notebooks going! Wow! See the Flickr page for a description of how each one is used, including one for pasting in photographs, a “private diary,” a “public journal,” and a “daily planner/food journal”.