A Glimpse of Things to Come

I retrieved a ton of old notebooks from my parents’ basement– I had totally forgotten about some of these! I am looking forward to rediscovering some favorites from my childhood collection and posting them here!

Journal and Fountain Pen Catch My Eye

I was in a store recently where a book called The Wednesday Sisters was a staff pick. I was struck by the cover image, which features a diary and a fountain pen. There is always something so nice about the look of handwritten words on a page…

Finally Bought a Couple of Piccadilly Notebooks

On a weekend trip to a Borders bookstore, I finally purchased two Piccadilly notebooks. I have to say, they didn’t make it easy! First of all, the notebooks were scattered in various places throughout the store– on an endcap tucked away in the fiction section, on another random rack near the fiction area where a […]

1980s Notebooks from My Collection

Here’s a few blank books from my childhood: Remember those Nothing Books? They were all the rage for a while. They sold them at a local bookstore and they became quite a fad at my school– kids mainly used them for autograph books, I think, where you’d just have your friends sign a page and […]

French Filmmakers on Notebooks

“I like to have my notebooks with all the crossings out.” This quote was from an article about the French writer-actors Agnès Jaoui and Jean-Pierre Bacri. I’ve seen a couple of their films, and recommend them: The Taste of Others and Look at Me. Here’s how they work: Though Jaoui directs their films, the process […]

“Old Notebooks Stuffed With Inconsequential Factoids”

Found at Archives Tragic: …she describes her life-long diary and note-keeping habits, and the shelves of “battered old notebooks stuffed with inconsequential factoids” that have accumulated as a result. She never opens the notebooks once they are finished, but can’t bring herself to destroy them either. From a review of The Feel of Steel, by […]

Subu Designs at Etsy

Subu is another Etsy seller with some funky handmade notebooks made of recycled paper– very literally recycled, post-consumer paper, as you’ll see someone else’s printouts on the packs of some pages! It’s not for everyone, but some will enjoy the serendipitous finds and be curious about where these paper scraps came from…

Print Your Own Graph Paper

Here’s something that may be of interest to those who like to make their own notebooks: downloadable PDFs you can use to print your own graph paper in a variety of designs! There are options with lines, dots, triangles, octagons, trapezoids, circles, bricks, etc. There are also papers for special purposes, such as music notation, […]

Rhodia Webnotebooks Now Available

I’ve been curious about the Rhodia Webnotebook ever since seeing them reviewed at Black Cover and Amateur Economist and eagerly anticipated at Spiritual Evolution of the Bean. I have been in a few stores that carry a wide range of Rhodia products, but none seem to have these yet. But they are now available at […]

Rachael Ray Wants Notebooks for Christmas

Here’s an amusing news item: celebrity TV chef Rachael Ray is having throat surgery, and since she won’t be able to speak for a couple of weeks while she’s recovering, here’s her plan: “I’m going to get lots of notebooks,” she explained.  “I’m going to get the callous I had in grade school back from […]