Rhodia Webnotebooks Now Available

I’ve been curious about the Rhodia Webnotebook ever since seeing them reviewed at Black Cover and Amateur Economist and eagerly anticipated at Spiritual Evolution of the Bean. I have been in a few stores that carry a wide range of Rhodia products, but none seem to have these yet. But they are now available at The Daily Planner, at $12 for the pocket version. I was disappointed, though, to see that they list the size as 4.5 x 6″. I thought they were supposed to be the same size as a Moleskine, 3.5 x 5.5″. Also, lined paper seems to be the only option– no plain or squared.

Oh well– guess that’s one new product I don’t need to add to my ever-growing piles of notebooks!

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4 Responses to “Rhodia Webnotebooks Now Available”

  1. The Webnotebooks that the Daily Planner has are not the US made ones. (Not Clairefontaine paper) They will be coming out next year.

  2. I’m using mine right now, love it! 😉

  3. Bah. Call me when the epure is commonly available.

  4. As of Feb 11, 2009, Daily Planner is “currently out of stock” of the pocket sized webnotebooks. The large size is listed at $20 and is in stock.
    BTW: The Van Gogh silk molies are available at


    david boise ID

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