1980s Notebooks from My Collection

Here’s a few blank books from my childhood:

Remember those Nothing Books? They were all the rage for a while. They sold them at a local bookstore and they became quite a fad at my school– kids mainly used them for autograph books, I think, where you’d just have your friends sign a page and write nice things about you.

I like how I underlined all these things on the front cover– I obviously associated myself much more with some roles than others!

I could never decide whether I liked it best with the dust jacket on, or with the funky silver cover showing!

Here’s a little historical context:

Some scribbles from friends… names blurred to protect the innocent!

Another key use of notebooks at that time was if you and your friends had a club. You had to write down important stuff like “Grease” and “Saturday Night Fever” even if you hadn’t been allowed to see the movies!

Here’s some pages from the other notebooks with calico covers. Another important use: display of stickers!

But I wasn’t entirely superficial. This page shows some attempt at creativity and pondering more serious pursuits:

But this is my favorite page of all. I used it to do a drawing… of another notebook… titled “My Notebook!”

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2 Responses to “1980s Notebooks from My Collection”

  1. Stickers were of supreme importance in the 1980’s. I remember it well.

  2. The Nothing Notebook!!! Early 1990s. My sister would use those. She got me a few so I could draw and write in. I still have them stored away. Only recently have decided to continue writing a journal again. The ones she gave me are bound in a maroon cloth material.

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