More Moleskine Jobs

If you love Moleskines and want to work with them all day, check these out: Sales Trade Specialist for Moleskine® Specific responsibilities include: • Supporting implementation of action plans with the objective of exceeding sales goals. Support will include data collection and analysis, and researching and developing solutions. • Working to identify and quantify new […]

Notebook Addict of the Week

Melinda says: I’ve been journaling since 1992. I began during the summer between my 7th or 8th grade year. I remember that I had a diary even before that, but it was the kind little girls have, with a lock and keepsake box. Someone read it and that was the end of that diary. I […]

New Red and Blue Moleskine Cahiers Now Available at Amazon

Amazon now has the new red and blue-covered Moleskine Cahiers, in stock and available. They come small and large, and with plain, ruled and squared pages. A nice alternative to the usual black and tan! Red Cahiers Blue Cahiers

Sandoz Pharmaceutical Diary, 1970s

Here’s a notebook which evokes bittersweet memories for me… When I was a kid, it seemed like this sort of diary was a common promotional giveaway. Is it just me, or do companies never do this any more? Now it’s all logo pens and flashlights and foam squeeze balls, although logo-embossed notebooks are making a […]

Penguin Notebook Spotting!

The other day, I noticed someone using one of these Penguin journals, which I’d previously posted about: I was all excited, as I’ve never seen them for sale anywhere and all the online sources for buying them are based in the UK and it would cost a fortune to get one. While searching, I also […]

What’s the Next Notebook?

I’m coming into the home stretch with my current notebook, an unlined Moleskine. My choices for the next one are: a squared Moleskine an unlined softcover Moleskine an unlined Moleskine Volant a Filofax Each of these would have its advantages and disadvantages. I rather like the squared paper for list-making and doodling, though it can […]

Modified Note Pad

Here’s another amusing item from my childhood collection: This started out as a simple plain notepad, the kind with glued-together pages and a cardboard backing. They came as a pack of 3 that were meant to be separated, but I liked the chunky thickness so I left them all together. I decorated the first page […]

Praise for the Mini Moleskine Volant

From Goodplum: If you find yourself out and about and needing to make a quick note – maybe you should try turning the pages of a notebook instead of typing something into your phone. The Moleskine Volant mini is 2.5″ by 4″ and has 56 pages – the last 16 which are perforatted for easy […]

Joke Blank Books

Ever wanted a blank book that didn’t look like one at first glance? There’s an amusing sub-genre of books where the joke is that they’re blank inside. Here’s a few examples I found on Amazon and elsewhere: The Computers Blank Book: The World’s First and Only Computer Book That Will Never Be Obsolete The Book […]