Praise for the Mini Moleskine Volant

From Goodplum:

If you find yourself out and about and needing to make a quick note – maybe you should try turning the pages of a notebook instead of typing something into your phone. The Moleskine Volant mini is 2.5″ by 4″ and has 56 pages – the last 16 which are perforatted for easy removal. It’s a perfect pocket-companion for any of the Fisher bullet space pens.

Personally, there are many advantages to having paper available at a moment’s notice. Whether it’s jotting a quick note-to-self, leaving a note to someone, or making an impromtu list — paper just works however you need it to. With so many digital companions available (I use my iPhone for almost everything mobile), using paper regularly is a much needed break from the out-of-touch internet world.

I can’t bring myself to buy the mini-sized Volants, but there are definitely times when I don’t feel like carrying a bag and wish I had something more pocketable than a small hardcover Moleskine.

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3 Responses to “Praise for the Mini Moleskine Volant”

  1. Might I suggest a sheet of paper (letter or A4) folded in half three times?

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