Handmade Notebook by The Vespiary

Courtesy of Dave’s Mechanical Pencils:

The Vespiaries products are all handmade. My notebook is a small hardcover notebook, 140mm tall x 95mm wide x 14mm thick. It oozes sturdiness. The pages are plain unlined white paper. I’m no expert on paper, but this paper feels a little thicker, and has a rougher surface finish than standard copier type papers. More sketch paper than writing or copy paper. I would suspect the paper might have some bleed through issues with fountain pen ink, but that’s outside my line of interest!

The Vespiary has some beautiful stuff for sale on Etsy.

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  1. Thanks for checking out my shop. I’ve had a few questions about the fill paper. I use Big Bee and Strathmore Recycled sketch. The Big Bee is a little thinner, good for pencils of all kinds. The Strathmore is a little heavier and could probably handle liquid ink (i.e. fountain pen). Every now and then I use a nice smooth creamy paper called Cougar Natural. The little cork notebook on my shop site has that as fill.
    Spent my morning sewing up some new books – will be posting soon.

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