Dumb Notebook Questions

It amazes me what people will ask on the internet:

Why is European notebook paper in a grid format (i.e. horizontal and vertical lines) instead of simply horizontal lines?

Someone’s helpful answer: It’s not.

I live in Europe (Netherlands), and we have both. There are notebooks with vertical lines, and there are notebooks with grids.
For normal day-to-day usage we a simple vertical lines notebook, but for some occasions the grid is simply handier, like when there are lots of graphs to draw. So, we also use each notebook when applicable, and the vertical lines one is used in most occasions, just like in the US.

I’m glad to learn this interesting information about the strange notebook-use habits of that exotic species known as Europeans!

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3 Responses to “Dumb Notebook Questions”

  1. Dumb question gets a dumb answer. So, for everyday use they use a notebook with “simple vertical lines….just like in the US.” That would be an odd notebook that you don’t see everyday in Europe OR the United States. I do believe the person who did the correcting meant to write simple HORIZONTAL lined notebooks. Whew!

  2. Ha! Nice catch, Gerard! I didn’t even notice he said vertical…

  3. Kind of depends where you are too. I got hooked on gridded paper when I lived in Germany, where it seemed to be by far the most common writing/notebook paper.

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