Notebook Addict of the Week: Bill

“I am a pen, notebook, and organizational junkie.” So says the owner of these Moleskines:

And he just bought some Doane paper notebooks too!

Read more at Another Word for Nerd, where he has also posted a review testing various fountain pens and notebooks.

Found via The Pen Addict

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3 Responses to “Notebook Addict of the Week: Bill”

  1. I’m not sure you understand just how badly this picture makes me drool. haha.

  2. I am so glad I am not alone. My “supply” closet looks like that stack on steroids.

  3. […] here not long ago as a Notebook Addict of the Week, Mr. Bill had quite a few Moleskines. But he decided to give them all away! I’ve probably […]

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