Retro and Expensive!

Here’s a neat item that stretches the definition of “notebook,” or at least turns the clock back on it! Brass and Ivory Pocket Notebook It’s the 18th century version of the PDA. Beautifully crafted here in the US. Based on an original that Jefferson owned. These are made of sturdy brass stock with 4 old […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Bill

“I am a pen, notebook, and organizational junkie.” So says the owner of these Moleskines: And he just bought some Doane paper notebooks too! Read more at Another Word for Nerd, where he has also posted a review testing various fountain pens and notebooks. Found via The Pen Addict

On “On Keeping a Notebook”

This Fringe Magazine article shares a title with, and quotes from one of my favorite Joan Didion essays, “On Keeping a Notebook.” In her essay, Didion says she doesn’t keep a notebook as any kind of attempt to record the facts of her daily life or to fossilize the events of the world around her. […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-25

4 more new notebooks arrived this week! # Only about 20 pages to go in my current notebook… time to start picking a new one from the stack! # Thanks for all the RTs, @inkophile, @nrepose, @dowdyism, @kookychick, @diysara # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Whitelines Notebooks Review & Giveaway Contest!

The good people at Whitelines were kind enough to send me some samples for review, so let’s take a look! First impressions: I like the clean, modern look — the drawing-hand logo is cute and the orange and white color scheme is cheery. The colors won’t appeal to everyone, though: if you have modern decor […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-18

@DIYSara @alpratt I bought some more Uniball Signo RT 0.38s. They are wonderfully fine and smooth! JetPens is wonderful. # anyone else having dreamhost problems? my site is down again… # JenPens order arrived! Lotsa pretty colors… # RT @doanepaper What’s the best spiral bound notebook size? 3×5 and 8.5×11 are my faves. # RT […]

Lincoln Memorial Diary

This is from the New York Times website: After news of President Lincoln’s assassination reached New York, in all arteries and capillaries of the city, shopkeepers designed makeshift shrines to the martyred president. An anonymous diarist walked for miles, drawing sketches of as many storefronts as he could (evidence suggests, but does not confirm, that […]

Cute Handmade Notebooks

I like the covers on these, and am tempted to try to make something similar: apparently they’re held together with just a hair elastic and a bamboo stick. At Screen Prints Blog.

Changes in How We Use Notebooks

At From the Living Room, some musings on “My Notebook“: It used to be that my notebook was the most important thing in my handbag. It used to be that I would get through a notebook in a matter of months. I have a box full of used notebooks, each with the date they were […]

Just Ordered Some New Moleskine Folio Items!

The new extra-large Moleskine Folio line is now in stock at Amazon. Listing for all the 2010 planners and new City guides are also showing up, though they’re not in stock yet. You can see all the new items here. There are several pages to scroll through, so use these links if you are just […]