Welcome, Unclutterer Readers!

Welcome to everyone who came here looking for “notebook p 0 r n!” I promise you will find it! This site lovingly and obsessively drools over new and old notebooks of all brands, my notebooks, other people’s notebooks, with reviews, photos, ideas, tips, musings and questions, all about notebooks! You can subscribe to my feed here. You can also follow me on Twitter.

I am so flattered to have been noticed by one of the bigger blogs I follow! For regular Notebook Stories readers who don’t know it, The Unclutterer is a great source of inspiration for anyone who’s ever thought their life needs a little simplifying, and their “Unitasker Wednesday” series is always good for laughs! Of course, for many of us, notebooks and clutter are pretty much inseparable, but that’s all the more reason to check out The Unclutterer’s list of 35 Luxury Notebook brands. They even mentioned a few I hadn’t heard of… time to go shopping again! And as long as I keep my piles neat, it’s not clutter. Right?

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One Response to “Welcome, Unclutterer Readers!”

  1. Hi – thanks for the link to The Unclutterer! I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks, and the reviews are fabulous. In the meantime, I’ve been scouring the net looking for lists of notebooks that work well with fountain pens. Have you seen anything like this?

    I have been using an inexpensive journal brand called Hot Chocolate by Jacqueline Savage Mcfee, and I like it a lot. I’m bored, though, and want to expand the horizon. Most notebooks don’t come with a note that says, “Oh yes, your pen will be pleased if you use this.” Don’t get me wrong – Hot Chocolate’s not the end all and be all, but it’s crazy cheap so you can go through a lot of them and never need to one-side the page unless you’re dumb enough as to let a friend try one of your Sailor Candy’s on the page and they rip through the page. At least the nib was already horrible and the pen was already crap 😉

    Anyway, I’m blathering.

    And thank you for the inspiration. I have started adding stick figure drawings of what I’m thinking. It amuses me, and it confuses the folks at the bar. Yes, I’m one of those people. I travel on business a lot and when I’m done with work, I get bored. And I go sit in the bar and write about my day. Often with a glass of wine. Occasionally with a good martini. Anyway, sometimes folks come by and peek over your shoulder, and they get very confused if they see a stick figure drawing of the song that’s playing that I hate or the kids at the end of the bar with a wild hair clip that I want to remember.

    So thank you for adding amusement to my journals 🙂

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