Win a Piccadilly Journal

The Art of Nonconformity is having a writing contest with many fabulous prizes. Ok, maybe I’d rather win the Business Class upgrade on any American Airlines flight, but one of the other prizes is a Piccadilly journal:


A new journal from Piccadilly Journal. This moleskine-alternative is what I’ve been using recently. It’s better than moleskine and half the price, which makes my life easier since I’m paying for the prizes.

I do most of my writing with pen and paper before transferring it to a computer. Even if you don’t operate the same way, these notebooks are fun for journaling, to-do lists, or looking cool in the coffee shop.

If you’re not familiar with The Art of Nonconformity, you should check it out. I’ve read the author’s free downloadable book “279 Days to Overnight Success,” which will inspire anyone who’s ever dreamed of chucking the 9-to-5 lifestyle and living off their own creativity.

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2 Responses to “Win a Piccadilly Journal”

  1. I bought a bunch of Piccadilly pockets last time they had a big sale. It’s worth checking their site regularly for bargains if you get your notebooks 10 or more at a time. The quality of the P is not up to M’s but the P’s paper is much friendlier toward fountain pens than M’s.

    david boise ID

  2. I really like the Piccadilly notebooks but having a hard time them locally.

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