Starting Early: Kids Who Love Notebooks

I think this photo is adorable:

It’s from a blog called The Lily Pad, where the child’s mother writes:

Her favorite thing is notebooks. Big notebooks, tiny notebooks, spiral notebooks, journals, blank pages, lined pages; she loves them all. I hope the love of art and writing and her imagination and creativity stay with her all her life.

Read more here.

My parents have said I was always going around with little folded up bits of paper and I remember loving notebooks from my earliest days. How about you? Did your notebook fetish start before you could walk?

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3 Responses to “Starting Early: Kids Who Love Notebooks”

  1. I bounce back and forth between bags, notebooks, and pens with my obsession. And I remember, as a little girl, carrying around a purse/bag before I really needed to, with a journal and some ballpoint.
    I didn’t really start writing until I was in 10th grade, and began to put down my ideas on paper. And since then, I’ve slowly but surely collected notebooks to put my stories in. I like having the first draft on paper.
    but no, it wasn’t there as a kid. I wasn’t particularly special as a child. I did like books, though.

  2. She looks so cute! I hope one day she will do you proud. I was always drawing when I was young and now I love it. In fact, I draw for a living, I am an illustrator.

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