A Retired Colonel Makes Great Notebooks

An interesting story I stumbled across:

Retired colonel sees a rich future in hardbound print: The Book Factory produces custom books, lab notebooks, log books, journals.

DAYTON — Don’t tell Andrew Gilmore that print and high-tech can’t be married. As president of the Book Factory, Gilmore presided over the wedding ceremony.
Gilmore, 54, is a former B-52 navigator, a retired colonel once in charge of the Air Force’s e-business and paperless efforts. Today, he’s in charge of an Edwin C. Moses Boulevard manufacturing operation that designs, prints, binds and distributes custom books, lab notebooks and log books, journals and more….

A good chunk of his business lies in hardbound lab books used by pharmacists, scientists and inventors to track and document research and experiments. Handwritten notes in such books are used to defend intellectual property worth billions, Gilmore said.
“You’ll have one company that says, ‘We invented it on this day,’ and another company that says, ‘We invented it on this day,’” Gilmore said, pointing to one of his archival-quality lab books. “Here’s your evidence.”
“The book could be worth a billion dollars,” he added with a smile.
The written notes are “far superior” to electronic records that can be lost or disturbed, he contends.

You don’t have to be a scientist to buy their notebooks– anyone can order online from their website. Black Cover reviewed one of their lined pocket journals here, but the ones that most appeal to me are the pocket sized blank and gridded laboratory notebooks:
book factory

It’s nice to know that notebooks like this are available, and that they’re made by a US-based company with an interesting back story!

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5 Responses to “A Retired Colonel Makes Great Notebooks”

  1. Hmm… these look interessssting. Will check out their website now!

  2. […] something that’s sort of close: a pocket size lab notebook from The Book Factory. I’ve written about this company before– they’re based in the US, which is a rarity for notebook makers these days. They make […]

  3. All of us at Book Factory appreciate your extensive review of our products. We have always maintained a customer focus and will take your suggestions to heart when planning new products and upgrades. We are proud to be an American manufacturer and a veteran owned business. We have been very fortunate to achieve the success we have had. Many thanks for your review and to our loyal customers.

    Andrew Gilmore
    Book Factory, LLC

  4. These books are awful. I ordered some and the binding came apart. I called and they said they had a problem with the glue and resent them out. Within a week the same thing happened. Will never order from them again.

  5. I have a few of these for our lab, they are pretty good!

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