EBay Find: Rice-Stix

Every once in a while, I have a little burst of temporary insanity, and I decide to go browsing on EBay. Fortunately, some of these bursts lead to interesting and inexpensive notebook finds! Here’s a real gem:
This notebook must have been given out as a promotional item by a company called Rice-Stix, based in St. Louis. It was apparently some kind of big wholesale distributor, representing a wide variety of products. ricestix2

The notebook has a picture of the company headquarters, as well as information about the products they carried, and even an index as to where you’d find them in their showroom. And the best part: a floor-by-floor thumb index, so you could keep your shopping list organized!


No one ever seems to have written in it. I’m not planning to write in it either– I’ll probably just put it on a shelf and admire it once in a while!

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4 Responses to “EBay Find: Rice-Stix”

  1. i love vintage notebooks. i love finding old datebooks and registers at antique fairs and flea markets. i think i have a few stashed away somewhere. when i get unpacked completely – i’ll send u a couple snapshots 🙂

  2. That’s a nice classic notebook. Is that a embossed leather cover?

  3. The cover is embossed, but I’m not sure if it’s real leather. I suppose back when this was made, real leather was more common than synthetic substitutes so perhaps it is!

  4. that’s going to be so hard to write in!

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