Notebooks in Good Times and Bad

Do you go through notebooks faster when you’re living through difficult, stressful times? I know I do. I just went through about a quarter of my current notebook in less than a week due to a very sad event. And I know that in other times, I’ve always tended to write more journal entries when […]

Paper + Electronic: The Livescribe Pulse Pen & Journal

I’d been noticing ads for Livescribe products but I hadn’t really paid attention until seeing this article by James Fallows: My new favorite gadget: Livescribe Pulse pen. It actually sounds pretty cool– the pen is an audio recorder, which you use with special paper. As you write, the pen keeps track of where you are […]

On Etsy: Celestefrittata Magical Notebooks

Another Etsy seller with some cool stationery products: Celestefrittata. These notebooks have a lovely aged look to them, almost like an old children’s book with a decorated binding. Via Paper Crave: Celestefrittata Magical Notebooks.

Notebook Addict of the Week: Patriots and Peoples

This week’s notebook addict blogs about history at Patriots and Peoples. He says: A bit more than twenty years ago I started carrying a spiral notebook with me almost constantly. I usually wrote in it while reading—taking notes, jotting titles and authors of other texts that I planned to examine, proposing theses, writing initial drafts […]

EBay Find: Westinghouse Diary, 1945

Here’s another neat little item purchased on EBay: This is a sub-category of notebooks that I could happily collect: small promotional diaries given out to the employees or business partners of various corporations. I have ones in my collection from Sandoz, GE, and the Harvard Coop, and this Westinghouse one was a great addition. First […]

Reware Vintage Notebooks

Notebooks made out of old record album covers! They’re even refillable. Find out more at Reware Vintage notebooks | Design Hole Online.

Make a Desktop Organizer Out of a Notebook

Now here’s a cool and unusual way to use a notebook! Not for writing notes in, but as a desk organizer for stray odds and ends: Feldnotizbücher* in Deutschland via the Field Notes Blog

Addict of the Week:

I don’t speak German, but this picture is worth a thousand words: I’m wondering if the ones at the top of the pile are Moleskines with a little pen-loop added on… » Blog Archive » Sonntagsidee 1: Kinderentwicklungstagebuch.

Do You Like Notebooks Because You Write?

Or do you write because you like notebooks? “Girl with A Notebook” ponders the question “How has writing affected your life?” One of the seemingly obvious answers would be that I spend a lot more time alone since I’ve started writing, preferring the company of my keyboard to the company of my classmates… or did […]

A Penny For Your Thoughts (or a Notebook)

As this article mentions, there are some big bargains on school supplies to be had these days. I just had this ad pop up while I was reading my email: One cent! They may not be fancy, but if you need some basic spiral notebooks, now’s a good time to shop!