A Penny For Your Thoughts (or a Notebook)

As this article mentions, there are some big bargains on school supplies to be had these days. I just had this ad pop up while I was reading my email:

staples one cent notebooks

One cent! They may not be fancy, but if you need some basic spiral notebooks, now’s a good time to shop!

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3 Responses to “A Penny For Your Thoughts (or a Notebook)”

  1. I don’t understand why companies don’t just stock up on supplies during the back-to-school season, because that’s when all the deals happen. Just order all of these 1¢ notebooks and have them shipped somewhere else to get them branded with your company name.

  2. Looks like the US has all the bargains! There’s nothing even remotely similar happening in the UK (our Staples stores don’t have a promotion like this) and what Back To School supplies there are very poor compared to last year – very meagre pickings indeed for the UK-based notebook addict.

  3. They are also one cent at Office Max this week also.

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