Review: Leonardo Pocket Journal

I usually find the stationery chain Papyrus to be pretty slim pickings as far as notebooks are concerned, but one day I happened to spot this little gem sitting all alone on a bottom shelf: the Leonardo Pocket Journal. It’s kind of funny that it has a musical theme– I mean, why didn’t they call […]

Piccadilly Stockpile?

I am really liking the small squared Piccadilly I’ve switched to as my current daily notebook. The quality is much improved from the first Piccadilly notebooks I bought— the elastic is tight, the back pocket works, and everything just seems solid. I like the paper, which is nice and smooth and seems to resist more […]

iPhone x Notebook = Notepod

Cute! A notepad that looks like an iPhone! You can order them from the Australian website– US$17.95 for a set of 3, with standard shipping to anywhere in the world included. Notepod: The sketchbook for your app ideas.

Moleskine Monday: Make a Hipster PDA With a Moleskine Planner

Check out this tutorial on how to make a sort of Hipster PDA out of a Moleskine. I’m not sure how I’d like having those rings interfering with the front cover lying flat, but I like the way this adds a removable/ refillable element to the Moleskine, and the ability to flip it to the […]

Lifehacker’s Favorite Notebooks

Among their other favorite workspace tools, these are the top picks for note-taking: Paper and Note-Taking Tools Despite our zest for technology, pen and paper is still Lifehacker readers’ favorite note-taking tool. Let’s take those notes in style. Moleskine Notebooks: We take our note-taking very seriously around these parts, so it’s no surprise that we’re […]

Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper #3 Coming Soon!

The third edition of the Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper will be here before you know it, this time hosted by Office Supply Geek on Tuesday October 6th. Submissions are due by 5pm EST on Sunday October 4th. The Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper is a traveling monthly collection of the best blog […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Carol

A reader named Carol sent me a really nice email a couple of months ago and I’m finally getting around to making her an Addict of the Week. Here’s some of what she had to say (I’m blushing as I write this!): I love you, I love your website, and I love all the other […]

Daisy Yellow’s Top Picks for Art Materials

For a nice list of recommended materials for “art journaling, doodling and beyond,” check out this post at the blog Daisy Yellow. Among lots of other fun supplies, these notebooks are mentioned: Moleskine Notebooks ~ I use the sketch lined or unlined Moleskine for doodling, making lists, planning trips, drawing mandalas. Moleskine Watercolor Notebook ~ […]

Purse Notebooks at That’s So Cuegly

“Cuegly,” for those who don’t know, means “ugly enough to be cute.” I’ll let you be your own judge of where these fall on the attractiveness scale… but they’re quite unique! And at the link below, you can learn exactly how to make one. THAT’S SO CUEGLY!: PURSE NOTEBOOKS!!! {{tutorial}}.

The Pleasures of Back to School Shopping

From Canada’s National Post, a nice appreciation of the pleasures of notebooks, pens and other supplies: Move over Moleskine. Oh, how I longed for that pack of Prismacolor pencils! Yet every year my consolation prize was a plastic pack of Laurentiens and, if I was lucky, a fruit-scented eraser. But the gold-tipped deep red Prismacolor […]