Notebook Addict of the Week: Range

I’ve noticed a couple of great posts about notebooks by Range over at Memoirs on a Rainy Day. I love it when people can just talk about their notebooks and why they like them and how they use them, as in this post: Notebook Obsession and Rhodia Love. He doesn’t have a photo of his whole collection, but he seems to be using 10 notebooks concurrently, as described in a post called Never Enough Notebooks, which I’ve excerpted below. Check out the links for more details:

1 – Moleskine Reporter Plain Paper Pocket

This is a small notebook that I always carry around. I chose reporter over traditional style, since I find that reporter notebooks let you use the pages better, especially in this smaller format.

2 – A6 Miquelrius Kukuxumusu

From the website, it looks like the design that I bought is out of print. Nevertheless, this 140-page little notebook is ideal for writing to-do lists and just getting organized. I don’t really use a dedicated weekly or daily planner, I just use this instead.

№3 – Moleskine Watercolor L

This is a neat little notebook that I use for inking and drawing stuff. They aren’t really sketches, but this high-quality paper works well.

№4 – A4 Moleskine Sketchbook

I bought this two weeks ago, but haven’t had time to start using this. It will be a journaling book. I want to use this often and add bits of color.
Class notebooks
These are the notebooks I use for my classes. I settled for the Rhodia notebooks, as they have 96 pages and the paper is quite nice¹, making them ideal for doing problems. I would have preferred spiral notebooks with more pages, but I couldn’t find any that I liked.

№5 – Moleskine Plain Paper XL Real Analysis class notes
№6 – Rhodia stapled A4 notebook Real Analysis exercise book

№7 – Moleskine Plain Paper XL Modern Algebra class notes

№8 – Rhodia stapled A4 notebook Modern Algebra exercise book
№9 – A4 Moleskine Plain Paper Complex Analysis class notes
№10 – Rhodia stapled A4 notebook Complex Analysis exercise book

That is a lot of notebooks to have going all at once! I hope he’ll post some photos someday.

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  1. Duly noted, I’ll get my D200 out this weekend and take some pics. I’ve been way too busy with grad school to do that, but I’ve been putting it off for ages now.

    Thanks for the mention!

  2. […] notebooks, Rhodia, the memoirs This blog and I have been mentioned as notebook addicts over at Notebook Stories. I agree, I love my notebooks and the written word. Oddly enough, I haven’t taken any photos […]

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