Happy Holidays!

Seasons greetings, everyone! Notebook Stories is taking a bit of a holiday hiatus and posting will be light until 2010. But in the meantime I can report that although I did not get any new notebooks for Christmas, I gave a few to other people and they all seemed to like my choices. Also, while […]

Forthcoming Notebook Reviews

I have quite a to-do list going with various new notebooks to review, not to mention old ones from my collection. Here’s a few of my recent purchases and samples I’ve received that you’ll get a look at in the next couple of months: Simple Diary Rhodia Notepad Kolo Essex Travel Book Tops Designer Notebook […]

Holiday Gift Ideas for Notebook Lovers

Only 9 more shopping days til Christmas! Notebooks can make gifts for pretty much anyone, but here’s a few ideas for when you’re trying to find something just right! For someone crafty, how about the Stitchable Journal: Personalized Journal & Decorative Keepsake Box— it comes in a kit with yarn and needles that allow you […]

My Favorite “Notebook Book:” Lynda Barry’s “What It Is”

If you’re into art journaling, this book will rock your world. Every page is stuffed with colors, words, drawings– Lynda Barry jams so much onto each page, so beautifully– it’s really inspiring. From the School Library Journal review: “Each page is a feast for the eyes with beautiful full-page collages of photographs, watercolors, ink drawings, […]

In Praise of Handwriting

Do you ever look at your notebooks and wish you had better handwriting to fill them with? And do you ever notice that notebooks from the past always seem to be full of beautiful script? If so, you might be interested in this book about the history of handwriting. In this electronic age, it just […]

Oversized Matchbook Notepads

These are a bit different from the kinds of notebooks that usually interest me, but I thought they were pretty cool when I saw them recently in a store in Brooklyn called Nova Zembla. They’re about 5 x 7″, with a metal cover. You can also buy them online at this site: UncommonGoods.

Notebook Addict of the Week: Mywormy

This week’s notebook addict has the distinction of being our first Filofax addict: This is a particularly hard to justify form of notebook addiction– after all, a Filofax is a durable, refillable binder: you can’t “use it up” the way you can with other bound notebooks and journals. 10 Moleskine-type notebooks might not seem like […]

Elle Magazine’s Favorite Notebooks

The Elle website features eleven favorite notebooks (with a wee mention of a review by yours truly), including Moleskine, Smythson, the Shopsin Diary, and the oh-so-high-school Trapper Keeper– who knew it’s been revived as a trendy accessory!

Yummy Idea: Keep a Chocolate Notebook!

Talk about the ultimate indulgence: devoting a notebook entirely to one’s chocolate consumption! Isn’t it hard to start writing in a brand new notebook? Best to write or draw something on the first page right away, so you don’t have to be intimidated by the blank pages anymore. This is my newest one and I […]

The 5th Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper

Please check out the latest Carnival of Pen, Pencil & Paper at Goldspot Pens. As always, a nice collection of posts about our favorite stuff!