Missed it! Authors Read Secret Notes From Old Journals

Too bad this event already happened! I wonder what kind of notebook that is in the picture…

Julius Singer Press and Awkward Press team up to present “Old Notebooks,” an evening of readings by authors Sara Jaffe (The Art of Touring), Chris Leo (Feathers Like Leather), Zack Lipez (No Seats On The Party Car) and Jason Diamond (vol1brooklyn.com). Awkard Press writes, “In addition to reading from their published works, writers will have a chance to dust off something buried within their old notebooks, something they’ve never read from before, something they never intended to see the light of day. Ever.”

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4 Responses to “Missed it! Authors Read Secret Notes From Old Journals”

  1. The pictured notebook looks more like a bunch of 3×5 index cards punched and with a couple rings through them.

  2. Sounds like a cringe reading. I’ve always wanted to read at one.

  3. “Cringe” reading is right Viewtiful_Justin (love the username). This sounds like a great event. Gives me tons of ideas too.

    -Victoria D.

  4. Sounds exactly like a Cringe reading… sort of a rip off in fact. And in the same city? That’s a bit shady.

    Cringe: http://www.queserasera.org/cringe.html

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