Notebook Addict of the Week: Laura

Here’s another reader who sent in a photo of all the journals she’s completed– she’s currently working on journal #36. I think I see hardcover and softcover Moleskines, and maybe an Ecosystem journal? Thanks to Laura for sharing her addiction, and sorry it took me a while to post it! If you are a notebook […]

The Little Blue Book

Nrepose of Unposted tipped me off to this rather nice-looking variation on the classic moleskine-ish notebook: the Little Blue Book, from a website called The Forgetful Gentleman. (They also sell a few styles of cards, which will please all who advocate the preservation of handwritten correspondence.) This may be another case of over-the-top marketing for […]

Harvard Square Notebook, late 1960s-early 1970s

This notebook has a lot of sentimental value for me, as it belonged to my father. I remember seeing it in his desk when I was a kid and wishing he’d give it to me– my notebook lust started at a very young age. But I wasn’t supposed to be poking around in Dad’s desk, […]

Review: Rhodia Notepad

Sometimes simple things are the best, don’t you think? It almost seems superfluous to review a notebook like this basic Rhodia pad, which the lovely people at Exaclair included when they sent me a Webnotebook to review. But I will do my best to subject it to my usual scrutiny! This pad is a “Bloc […]

Moleskine Monday: Saying Goodbye

Geeklet writes about parting with a beloved Moleskine: You see, I don’t normally finish the things I begin. I write stories, I draw pictures, and then I promptly destroy them, delete them, throw them in the trashcan…to say I am destructive is a true understatement. Regardless, this notebook, the one pictured here? It made it. […]

Journals for Sale in Phoenix

Here’s an ad on Craigslist for a batch of brand new journals for sale in Phoenix: I HAVE A BUNCH OF REALLY NICE JOURNALS THAT I’D LIKE TO HAND OFF TO SOMEONE FOR $50. They are leftover from a group and need to sell immediately. Please bring all offers!! View the pictures and see what […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Victoria D.

Our latest addict of the week is a regular reader who submitted this photo of her stash, safely guarded by two interesting little figures: Looks like a nice collection of Piccadilly and Moleskine notebooks, plus some other brands I don’t recognize, all ready to filled up with creativity, perhaps some early drafts of her blog […]

Question from Reader: Notebooks by Aurora Productions

A reader named Kevin wrote to me to ask if I’d ever seen these notebooks for sale in the United States: Aurora Productions. The company is Belgian, but Kevin bought some of these A4 exercise books at Ryman’s in London: I was even more intrigued by their “Bur-o-class” linen-covered notebooks, which look really nice. They […]

More Info on Moleskine’s New Packaging and Quality Control

Graphic Arts Magazine has some news on Moleskine’s new packaging for 2011 planners, including quality control codes and QR codes that will link to the Moleskine website when you photograph them with certain phones. Not sure what the source is for this info, but you can read more at Legendary Moleskine notebooks announces new improvements […]

Setting Up a New Notebook

Do you start the year by setting up a new notebook or planner? What’s your method? Dustin at Stepcase Lifehack shares his steps for starting a new Moleskine for 2010: Since I make a big deal about using a Moleskine (or similar notebook) as an always-with-you productivity tool, I thought I’d share exactly how I […]