Question from a Reader: Covered Spiral Notebook

A while back, a reader named Gil wrote to ask for help in finding an elusive notebook. I’m stumped, so I’m turning the question over to all you other notebook fans!

Gil says:

“i’ve been trying desperately to locate any surviving specimens of a spiral notebook i used as a junior high student in 1968-1970. it was a 9 1/2″ by 6″ spiral notebook with brown board cover, 3 section and 150 pages. what made it unique was that the wire spiral  was covered with a green plastic binding. it was not a novelty item-you could buy it in any stationery or candy store and it was manufactured by one one of the big companies, mead or national, i can’t recall. i’d pay dearly to find just one for purchase!”

After some further correspondence, Gil sent me these notebooks, which are similar to what he’s looking for: one a Mead notebook that is widely available, and one home-made model! I wasn’t familiar with that particular Mead notebook style and was quite impressed– it has some nice extra features like notecards and pockets, and the covered spiral is actually a great feature–it’s so annoying when those wires get caught on something!










So try to picture these with a brown board cover and green plastic over the spiral– can anyone help Gil find this notebook?

Thanks to anyone who can chime in, and thanks also to Gil for sending me these samples for my collection!

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