Russian Notebooks

One of these days, perhaps after I win the lottery, I’m going to go on a notebook tour of the world. I’ll definitely hit Japan and Germany and the Philippines, and perhaps China if I can somehow infiltrate all the factories there that are churning out notebooks… but Russia will also be a destination high on my list. I’ve come across a couple of websites with some very intriguing offerings, such as this one: Молескинов нет — купи замену молескину.. Here’s a couple of images:

Translating the site is a little dicey– you’ll get descriptions like this:

High quality, elegant and classic – a classic collection of notebooks Herlitz you will always make the right impression. High coverage “under the skin”, a beautiful cream-colored paper, fixing the gum and inner pocket converts this notebook into a bright, comfortable accessory.

Still, any notebook I don’t have in my collection is always fun to at least look at!

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6 Responses to “ Russian Notebooks”

  1. Ahem… Herlitz is actually a german brand.

  2. Actually, I guess the post would be more accurately described as notebooks for sale in Russia, as the site also mentions Arwey, which is a Turkish brand!

  3. well, inFolio elegant has this website (in english) and the online shop is probabely in process. but I dont know if there will be the possibillity of international shipping.

    herlitz is of course german brand, take a look here:

    have a nice day

  4. Hi there.
    All comments are right – Herlitz is a German brand, Arwey – Turkish.

    But Infolio (notebooks “Elegant”) is Russian brand.

    WBR, reader of,

  5. You’re always welcome to visit the Philippines! 🙂

  6. I live in Moscow and these notebooks are fantastic. Especially if you compare prices. Here, you can get InFolio notebooks for around 5 or 6 bucks, but the same moleskine would cost you around $30. Maybe moleskines are a tad bit more elegant, but definitely not worth the price difference. The InFolios lie flat just like Moleskines, have nice bindings and are almost clones of the latter. The only difference is that the texture of Moleskines is softer, buttery almost and the texture of the Infolios is harder and feels like slighty cheaper material.

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