Jimmy Buffett Collects Blank Books

Here’s something fun that I came across. We can all identify with how the writer feels to discover she’s not the only one obsessed with notebooks… but who knew Jimmy Buffett was a blank book collector!? I collect blank books. When I discovered that Jimmy Buffett has a trunk full of blank books he’s collected […]

Edward Hopper’s Sketchbook

One of my favorite things is finding little-seen images from the notebooks of artists, writers and scientists. This one is a gem, as Edward Hopper is one of my favorite painters, yet I don’t recall ever having looked at any of the sketches for his works. I love how it seems to have been drawn […]

A Moleskine Fangirl Introduces Stationery Club

If you live in London, you might want to join the  Stationery Club.  Here’s what a self-described Moleskine Fangirl has to say about a meeting she attended, and her own notebook preferences: “Is it a real club?” Yes.  A real-life, lots of people in a bar, scaring the non-stationery normals out of the room type […]

“Notebooks, Notebooks Everywhere!”

Here’s another simultaneous multi-notebook user, though I didn’t think she was quite at the level of being an addict. Wendy is a jewelry and metal artist, and here’s what she had to say about her notebooks: “Why so many?” you ask.  Each notebook was bought for a specific purpose, either a class, for use as […]

Notebooks at Rare Device

Here’s a shop to add to your travel itinerary if you’re hitting the West coast: Rare Device, a funky shop in San Francisco (they used to have a location in Brooklyn too, but alas, it closed). Here’s a couple of favorites spotted on their website: A colorful notebook by O-Check: And this is the birch […]

Craig Dreams: The Moleskine Lecture

I’m glad I’m not the only person who has dreams about notebooks! This reminds me so much of the kind of weird, elaborate dreams that I have sometimes: I was at a lecture in some auditorium. There were no chairs, and everyone was sitting on the floor. I was sitting next to a very beautiful […]

One Notebook Per Project

Here’s an interesting concept– using a separate notebook for every project you work on. Depending on how you work and what kind of notebooks you like, it could be unwieldy or impractical, but in this case, we seem to be talking about graphic design projects in small Moleskine cahiers or Volants, and the user says […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Henry Miller’s Notebooks

More notebooks from the world of literature, this time from Henry Miller, the author of the sexy and scandalous (at least for their time) Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. I think I read both books when I was in college, but now I can’t remember a thing about them! But it does look […]

Supreme Notebooks

Here’s a Moleskine-ish notebook with a bold, graphic look, sold by a company that seems to mainly focus on clothes for skateboarders (or people who want to look like skateboarders). Supreme must be a super-trendy brand, as a Japanese retailer sells these notebooks for almost $40 each! Unlike most notebooks, these have an embossed brand […]