Notebook Addict of the Week: Freen707

Flickr is such a great source of notebook addicts! Here’s the latest one, and I’d say he/she REALLY has a problem! All of these are as yet unused: I’m pretty sure I see Moleskines, maybe Rhodia and Clairefontaine, and I’m not sure what else. There’s a lot of variety there! The owner seems to be […]

Good Reasons to Use Paper & Pen

Some very good points about why it’s still worth using paper and pen in the internet age, from Alice Seba at Contentrix: In today’s digital world we don’t rely on paper and pen very much. But personally, I love my handy-dandy notebook and pen for my online business for a few reasons: Writing things down […]

The Endless Notebook

If you don’t know where to stop, buy some of these: The Endless Notebook. Each notebook is 32 pages, 4×6″. Ruled and plain paper are available, $7.00 per two-pack.

Review: Scribe Notebook

Today I’m reviewing yet another variant on the basic black notebook that has become so ubiquitous. This time, it’s the Scribe Plain Notebook. An initial impression of this notebook might suggest that it’s just like a Moleskine, but I actually found it more similar to the Pen & Ink notebook I reviewed here, or some […]

Moleskine Monday: A Dozen Sketchbooks

I love this image of a dozen colorful spreads in Moleskine sketchbooks! As the artist notes, “I know, Moleskine is the new Starbucks for artists. Everyone has one and it is the latest thing..” Yet he still loves them, as do so many of us! Read more at Art and Life: Moleskine.

Notebook Addict of the Week: GTDFRK

This week’s notebook addict is a Moleskine addict: He bought these 6 new Moleskines all at once, and is obviously addicted to photographing them as well, as you’ll see if you click through to the original post! See more images at Six new Moleskines : Getting Things Done.

BooksActually Notebooks

If you happen to be in Singapore, you might want to stop by a store called Books Actually. They have a nicely-curated selection of notebooks, some of which they create themselves, and others from international brands such as Cavallini and Serrote: Read more at BooksActually: wall of notebooks.

Keeping an Image Journal

I love the idea of keeping a journal of just images. I sometimes paste clippings and images into my notebooks, but I don’t do it as often as I should. The link where I found the quote below has inspired me to give it another shot: …when you glue a picture, or a swatch of […]

Notebooks for Kids

I just had a visit from my young niece and nephew. We were celebrating birthdays, and one of the presents I gave my niece was a diary with a little padlock, which also came with an invisible ink pen, viewable only with its built-in special light. She loved it and I caught my nephew giving […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Laura Jane

Here’s a cool batch of artistically decorated notebooks: And here’s what Laura Jane has to say about them: My notebooks are my babies, my progeny, an extension of myself. They are my phantom arm. If I ever lost a notebook, it would destroy me, but I would never lose a notebook, because I always check. […]