Moleskine Monday: A Dozen Sketchbooks

I love this image of a dozen colorful spreads in Moleskine sketchbooks!

As the artist notes, “I know, Moleskine is the new Starbucks for artists. Everyone has one and it is the latest thing..” Yet he still loves them, as do so many of us! Read more at Art and Life: Moleskine.

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2 Responses to “Moleskine Monday: A Dozen Sketchbooks”

  1. I just love the spread. How inspirational. Would like to see more layouts like this. Wonderful.

  2. I just have to say: I LOVE Moleskines. Even though they have gotten quite ubiquitous and everyone seems to have one, a notebook truly has character if it remains awesome even when it’s falling apart. Just sayin’…

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