Michael Bierut on 86 Notebooks

A couple of years ago, there was a great post on Design Observer about Michael Bierut’s notebooks:

The post made its way around the blogosphere so extensively that I never bothered to link to it here. But more recently, a reader asked me if I had seen it, and it got me thinking again about working these notebooks into a post. Now, I finally have a good excuse as there’s a video posted of Michael Bierut talking about how he uses his notebooks:

Michael Bierut on 86 Notebooks: Observer Media: Design Observer.

Check it out, it’s an interesting look at a designer’s creative process.

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5 Responses to “Michael Bierut on 86 Notebooks”

  1. Thanks for always posting such great content! My favorite part was the library installations.

  2. Wow, super interesting post! Thank you for this discovery, loved the video!

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  4. Cool. 90… whoa. Never heard of the guy, but now I want to see what’s in those notebooks.

  5. […] may remember Michael Bierut’s stack of composition books that he’s used for many years– one of my favorite notebook stories […]

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