Jesse Draxler’s Sketchbooks

Jesse Draxler’s website has lots of fabulous photos of collage art in notebooks (Moleskine sketchbooks, I think). Absolutely gorgeous: I found Jesse via a blog called The Jealous Curator, who says “These simple/fantastic collages are a few of my favourite pages. I think it’s the effortlessness that gets me the most. Yep, there’s that soul-crushing […]

Moleskine Monday: Original Volant Notebooks Giveaway!

Have you ever fantasized about a cool notebook from the past that’s no longer available, wishing that someone saved a stash of them and then put them up for sale again? Well, that fantasy might come true today! Back in 2003, Moleskine branched out from their standard hardcover notebooks for the first time, introducing the […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Stephen Emond

This week’s notebook addict is actually a sketchbook addict, who comments: So, for someone who doesn’t have a ton of time for drawing for fun these days, I have an obsession with sketchbooks. I love trying new ones, always hoping to get that *just right* paper texture, thickness, and brightness… for the record it should […]

“Not a Book” Notebooks

This site is all in Russian, but looks intriguing nonetheless! It seems to be a good-quality spiral notebook that you can customize with your own cover image. A variety of paper styles are available. See more at On notebooks | «Not a book» – is not just a notebook.This is a designer!.

Review: Kolo Essex Travel Book

The Kolo Essex Travel Book is an interesting hybrid of a Moleskine-type notebook and a Filofax. From the outside, it looks a lot like a Moleskine, but with some important differences. The binding is cloth, with a window in which you can insert your own image. An elastic band holds it shut. On the back, […]

WSJ Europe on Moleskine’s Margins

Another Moleskine Monday tidbit I had to share: an interesting take on the private equity company that owns Moleskine and how they envision the company’s prospects in an age of cheaper knock-offs and digital competition. British office supplies store Ryman will sell you a lovely A5-sized Moleskine notebook for a hefty £12.99. Leather-bound, quality paper, […]

Moleskine Monday: Which Pen to Use?

Journal Addict posts about testing a few different pens on Moleskine paper. Which ones did she like the best? Pilot G2 – 0.7 and Uniball Signo 207, 0.7 – my favourites, and perfect for me. I don’t know if I like one of them better. I guess I will find out after more use. But […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: A Field Notes Fan

I found this week’s addict via the Field Notes Blog, which points out that he seems to have collected pretty much every color they’ve ever produced: They do look great all lined up like that! See the original at Bellhaven’s Flickr photostream.

Notebooks in Istanbul

Not long ago, I traveled to Istanbul for a vacation. I was of course excited to see what kinds of notebooks I might find there! The only Turkish brand of notebooks I’d ever heard of was Arwey, but oddly enough, I didn’t spot a single Arwey notebook on my trip. I did see some other […]

From Our Readers

Time for another look through the mailbag! From BMT: This might come under the “fell off the face of the Earth” dept. In the early sixties, possibly 1960 or 1961 a loose leaf company (Mead?) marketed a failed loose leaf product named “Nifty.” Instead of the conventional rings on the left side, it flipped up […]