Notebook Addict of the Week: Jason

This week’s addict displays this nice neat pile of some of his “secret obsession”– notebooks: Ever since I started drawing, I have been fascinated by books of blank white pages, i.e. Sketchbooks. A book devoid of all content, just waiting to be filled with anything. Throughout highschool I carried a sketchbook with me at all […]

Some Interesting 2011 Planners

Still trying to decide on a 2011 planner? Check out this post for some ideas (though some may only be available in the Philippines): No Frills vs. The Chichi: The Battle of Buying Your 2011 Planner @ Metro.

Merry Christmas!

Notebook Addict of the Week: Natalie Whipple

This week’s addict is a YA writer who considers herself obsessed with notebooks and displays this colorful selection: These were the notebooks just within reaching distance from where I was sitting. And you’d think I’d feel bad about that, but rounding them up and taking a picture made me smile. I’m pretty sure that makes […]

Military Notebooks

More good notebook stuff at A Continuous Lean: This is a currently available government-issue notebook used by the military. The comments on the post got into a lot of interesting discussion about the “cool” factor of military supplies, with actual service members seeming to find it amusing that the stuff that is just boring to […]

Roaring Spring Spiral Notebooks, Early 1980s

Here’s a few oldies-but-goodies from my collection, three Roaring Spring spiral notebooks that I bought in 1980 and used between then and 1982. I love the colors– the outside covers are slightly faded and scuffed compared to the inside front covers. The back covers are just plain cardboard. You can see below that I stapled […]

Turn Your MacBook into a Composition Book!

Now this is a cool way to disguise your MacBook Air! The composition book cover is great, but the lined paper skin around the keyboard really completes it! Via Cult of Mac.

Les Calepins de Lapin

Les Calepins de Lapin translates to “The Rabbit’s Notebooks.” They are full of wonderful sketches, all on lined notebook paper!

Moleskine Monday: Periodic Table Cahier

This is one of the coolest customized cahiers I’ve seen: Via Make: Online : Designer Moleskines.

Notebook Addict of the Year: Carmen (Again)

Remember this Notebook Addict post about Carmen, who sent me a fabulous selection of European notebooks? I named her Notebook Addict of the Year back in April, a noble distinction that must now be reaffirmed based on this photo of her collection: Here’s what Carmen has to say about that gorgeous tower: Here is my […]