Moleskine Monday: Loops!’s Visual Diary

I love the visual journals some people keep in Moleskine diaries. This is a fantastic example, found at Doodlers Anonymous:

Loops! is a mommy living in Brussels and she fills her sketchbooks like a diary in living color. You’ll see drawn pages of her family’s travels, her kid’s being sick and the generally overwhelming and loving life of being a parent.

See more at Blog: Have We Met? – Doodlers Anonymous.

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3 Responses to “Moleskine Monday: Loops!’s Visual Diary”

  1. Whenever I see those sketches I envy the artist. I never got around to doodle and draw my thoughts but I agree it is very visual and often does not need any words.

    When I started experimenting with MindMaps I used them during a vacation to document what we did and . That was fun but I needed lots of coloured pencils which I never carry around with me, so I stopped again.

  2. Just wanted to say that I saw Moleskine journals at Target. Almost bought some, but they were $18.00 for 2. I may go back and take a look at the journals they had. I can’t remember how much those were.

  3. I just love looking at notebooks like this. I could never make my notebook look this colourful and coherent, so I just stick to writing but I can really appreciate the magic of visual journals like this!

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