Moleskine Monday: Goodbye

In Goodbye Moleskine Journal, Tim talks about his reasons for switching from paper to digital journaling, which include ease of searching, being able to attach photos snapped on an iPhone, and not having to worry about running out of pages at inopportune moments. All valid reasons, though he does wonder if he’ll have some regrets:

One day, long after I’m gone, maybe someone will find one of my old journals with drawings, notes, and crazy “my impossible list” goals in the back, but until then, I’ll just carry around my iPhone. For certain, in a decade the iPhone will be replaced and maybe I’ll find myself back to the old faithful paper journal. I’m sure there will be days of withdrawal and I’ll miss it.

By the way, on my desk I still keep a large spiral white paper journal to storyboard ideas. Mostly because I like to use visuals to think and explain. Maybe I need to replace that large drawing journal with the iPad. Time will tell.

Read more at Goodbye Moleskine Journal | Tim DeTellis.

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3 Responses to “Moleskine Monday: Goodbye”

  1. I too thought of switching to digital journals. I could never get into it though.

  2. A paper journal has one advantage over digital… absolute privacy. You can hide your notebook in a drawer, but there are too many ways in which a digital journal can fall into the wrong hands. Especially an online one.

  3. I think you’ll regret it.

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