Red Horseshoe Paper

Keep an eye out for these funky notebooks in your favorite gift or stationery shop! I spotted some at Cog & Pearl in Brooklyn a while back… They’re very cute, smaller than the usual cahier-type notebook.

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4 Responses to “Red Horseshoe Paper”

  1. So cool looking! I immediately want to buy them all. Wonder what the paper quality is like.

  2. These are cute, love the second one shown, but like Lindsay, I’m curious about the paper quality.

    On a random note, love the little quote on their site: “your notebooks are a rip-off–just a bunch of blank pages. what’s a guy supposed to do with that!”

    Gotta love a company who can poke fun at themselves. 🙂

  3. Oh I want them all!

  4. I’m using the tea-leaves one at the moment as my notebook. The paper has like these shingle ridges in it and is thick enough to hold India ink, felt tip, and most of the gels I’ve been using. It kind of struggles and strains against your typical ballpoint however.

    Also, the pages are perforated, something that I’m not a fan of in particular.

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