Moleskine Monday: National Gallery Guidebooks

This is sort of old news but I realized I’d never posted it: one of Moleskine’s custom projects is a pair of National Gallery guidebooks.

For everyone who wants to explore the fascinating world of art in London, Moleskine has partnered with the National Gallery museum to release two different city guide notebooks with a twist: The London Painting Trail, perfect to explore the city and discover seven of the most prestigious collections of paintings, including the ones of Apsley House, the Courtauld Gallery and the Royal Collection– and the Little Red Book Twin Set, a special edition set of notebooks narrating quirky facts behind the Gallery’s collections. Both are available at the National Gallery bookshop and online.

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One Response to “Moleskine Monday: National Gallery Guidebooks”

  1. I could find a lot of inspiration in this, actually. I love to write stories and poems inspired by paintings, and this looks like a cool notebook for that.

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