Notebook Addict of the Week: Arnie

Okami tipped me off to this week’s addict, who is a notebook maker himself. Arnie Kim is the man behind Banditapple Carnets. (See Okami’s glowing review.) Based on the photo below, he must have done a lot of research about the competition!   See original image at My notebooks collection on DailyBooth. Here’s Okami’s photo […]

Piccadilly Notebooks Now in Colors

The latest new development from the folks at Piccadilly: colored versions of their Essential Notebooks. They’re only available in lined versions, at least so far. And I guess they’re only available through Piccadilly’s online store now that Borders is going out of business! I hope they’ll find some other retailers to work with soon…

Review: Hitlist Notebook

Curt Roper has lived out a fantasy many of us have: he designed his perfect fountain pen friendly notebook, and manufactured it so he could not only have a lifetime supply, but sell it to others too! Let’s take a look at the sample Hitlist notebook he sent me: I like the design– the cover […]

Evil Notebooks

Every once in a while, I come across a story mentioning notebooks used by horrible people, in which they’ve written about horrible things– the journals of serial killers, terrorists, and Nazi war criminals, for example. I find it sad and disturbing that so many people who commit heinous acts fill page after page with writings […]

Moleskine Monday: Fabulous Female Fans

Moleskine’s latest celebrity devotees: Charlotte Rampling: “She writes regularly in Moleskine notebooks, jotting notes and reflections.” via Forever femme fatale. and Heidi Klum: “As anyone who knows me well will tell you, I love making lists. I think they are the best way to keep my life organized and I am never without a Moleskine […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Taylor

This week’s addict, who blogs at Not a Book Nerd, sent me this email about her notebook collection: I’ve been journaling since my ninth birthday, nearly twelve years ago now. I have a ton of journals, and they are definitely my most prized possessions, though storage is becoming a problem. You’ll see why storage could […]

Review: About:Blank Notebook

The About:Blank notebook is an interesting and pleasingly minimal notebook. From their website: “About:Blank is the pursuit of emptiness that is full of possibility,” which is a great way to describe notebooks in general. Let’s take a closer look at the sample the company sent me. The sample I received came nicely wrapped in tissue […]

Leuchtturm Review at

At the Guardian website, Steven Poole takes a look at a Leuchtturm notebook: The most bruited feature of the Leuchtturm, meanwhile, one to which a circular sticker on the cellophane packaging is devoted, is that the paper is “ink proof”. They are not claiming that the mere addition of ink to the pages causes all […]

Isaac Newton’s Notebook

I wish this could have been me: I GOT a real thrill in December 1999 in the Reading Room of the Morgan Library in New York when the librarian, Sylvie Merian, brought me, after I had completed an application with a letter of reference and a photo ID, the first, oldest notebook of Isaac Newton. […]

Moleskine Monday: The Great Dilemma

Here’s a blogger sharing a concern of many buyers of upscale notebooks: What should I write in here? I just spent $10 on this notebook – I’m not going to waste the space on things that don’t count. I have heard this particular concern from countless Moleskine converts. Because the books are so nice (yes, […]