Notebook Addict of the Week: Arnie

Okami tipped me off to this week’s addict, who is a notebook maker himself. Arnie Kim is the man behind Banditapple Carnets. (See Okami’s glowing review.) Based on the photo below, he must have done a lot of research about the competition!


See original image at My notebooks collection on DailyBooth.

Here’s Okami’s photo of the Banditapple Carnets. I’m dying to try them! So far they’re only available in Korea but they’re looking for a US distributor.

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3 Responses to “Notebook Addict of the Week: Arnie”

  1. If you drop Arnie an Email at “Arnie Kim” , He will be glad to ship you some. I got mine in early June 6 Black Saigon and 6 Red Hanoi Pee Wees , the pocket sized 9 x 14 cm ones. The notebooks plus airmail shipping to NM/USA was $29.00 Paypal. This is $2.42/notebook lined. They come blank and lined, very FP friendly. Also come Handy Semi Large 11 x21 cm or Tablet Large 13 x 21 cm. Seoul to USA 10 calendar days, with some unique ROK Stamps Airmail. Arnie’s a great guy to do business with. Drop him a line, Jim

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  3. Goulet Pen Co. has them on their website.

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