Moleskine Monday: David Fullarton

David Fullarton is one of my favorite notebook artists. He usually works in engineer’s notebooks, but now he’s given Moleskine a whirl:

I was never a big fan of Moleskine notebooks. They always seemed so damn precious and overpriced with their pretentious history printed inside and that fancy-dan knicker elastic to keep your place. But someone gave me one for nothing a couple of years ago, and since it was free I used it. A lot. And I have to admit I ended up liking it. Almost enough to actually pay for the next one.

See more at Moleskine on the Behance Network and at David Fullarton’s website.

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3 Responses to “Moleskine Monday: David Fullarton”

  1. I seriously laughed out loud when I read this. Very funny writing and fantastic drawing!

  2. I own a couple, but the paper is what lets them down for me. The last pocket notebook I bought was variable in quality to the point of silliness – one page would behave beautifully, and the next feather and bleedthrough like nobody’s business.

    I’ve changed allegiances to Rhodia, for the time being – their Clairefontaine paper is lovely, and consistently so in the book!

  3. Wow, he’s going to outlaw disabled parking places. Nice guy.

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