Moleskine Monday: 61 Ways

Gabriel Campanario is the Seattle Sketcher I featured a few weeks ago in this post. He’s also the founder of Urban Sketchers, and was interviewed for a Japanese book called 61 Ways to Put Your Life into a Moleskine: Yoko Nakamuta, who knows how much some urban sketchers love their Moleskines, invited me to write […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Jade

This week’s addict sent me a link to her blog post about notebooks, posted at The Wonders & Scary Thoughts of a Crazy Mummy: My Notebook Obsession. I have lost count of the amount of notebooks I have but this picture should give you a rough idea!! There are plenty more but I couldnt fit […]

Video Notebook

Love this! A notebook designed to look like an old VHS tape.   See more at Video Notebook — ACCESSORIES — Better Living Through Design.

Snijlab Wooden Notebooks

Very cool notebooks made with wooden covers. The precise cuts allow the cover to bend at the spine!   See more at Snijlab Wooden Notebooks | Hypebeast.

Spalding Gray’s Journal

An interesting article in the New York Times about the writer and performance artist Spalding Gray, whose widow read his journals after his death. Gray, possibly the most celebrated neurotic of our time, kept private journals throughout his long career. Kathleen Russo, who is Gray’s widow and the mother of his children, read the journals […]

Moleskine Monday: How NOT to Promote Your Brand

You probably saw that Moleskinerie is running a logo design contest with a prize of 5000 Euros for the winning design. This wasn’t something I was going to dedicate a post to, so I didn’t really pay that much attention to it, but thanks to an email from a regular reader, I discovered that the […]

Guest Post at LoveNotebooks

Check out my guest post at the LoveNotebooks blog… it’s all about notebook-related Halloween costume ideas!

Notebook Addict of the Week: Dillon

Dillon sent me a whole bunch of photos of his collection… actually, half his collection, since the rest is being stored at home while he’s studying abroad for a year. I’m impressed that he brought so many with him! In the first picture, the bottom row is empty notebooks, and the top are notebooks that […]

Small Address Book, mid-1970s

Here’s an oldie but goodie, which is one of the earliest notebooks I ever used. I wrote the addresses of my friends and family on some pages, but also just used it for notes and doodles, and as a repository for some awesome Star Wars stickers! Many of my notebooks from this time show an […]

A Public Journal on a North Carolina Beach

I loved this little item from the Lumina News: The legendary mailbox at the north end of Wrightsville Beach found a new home after Hurricane Irene. Twice. First installed beside a north end dune in 2003 by Bernie and Sidney Nykanen, the couple inscribed the phrase: “Leave a Note” on the mailbox door. Inside was […]