“I Can’t Stop Sketching”

A nice little post from the Seattle Sketcher blog on the Seattle Times website: 
Seattle Sketcher | Like the Starbucks logo artist, I cant stop sketching | Seattle Times Newspaper.

I enjoyed reading this story by my Times colleague Melissa Allison about the artist who created the Starbucks logo, Terry Heckler. I can relate to his compulsive sketching. “Whenever Heckler gets a phone call, he grabs a sheet of paper and begins an ink drawing,” wrote Allison.
While I’m not much of a phone sketcher, I always carry a pocket Moleskine and draw on it at every opportunity. A guy standing on the bus. Sketch. A cool motorcycle in the street. Sketch. My Starbucks Frappuccino. Sketch.

For an artist, drawing everyday is like exercise. Our sketchbooks are like a miniature gym where we go for our daily workout.


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