Calepino Notebooks

Here’s a new brand of notebooks that look fantastic!
Notebooks : Calepino.

Designed and manufactured in France, available in lined, squared and plain. 48 pages, 90g paper, 9 x 14cm. Sold in 3-packs that come in nice little case. Each 3-pack is 9 Euros, but outside the EU you can take 19.6% off since you don’t have to pay VAT. And if your total order is more than 27-40 Euros, depending on location, they will ship for free. (Not sure if that free shipping minimum is before or after you deduct the VAT.)

I’m dying to try these!

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6 Responses to “Calepino Notebooks”

  1. OMG, they are French Field Notes! Even so, very cool. I love the cover design. I’ll be adding these to my collection one of these days for sure!

  2. conversion right now

    19.00 EUR = 24.7298 USD

    For a 3 pack. 9 euro for 1 pack – if you spend 29 euro – free shipping. otherwise 10 euro for shipping. Think I’ll wait unless we have a group willing to split a bulk order.

  3. And yes French Field Notes. Right down to the pens and pencil offerings. Personally I like the FNB pens and pencils. Love the cedar and MADE IN USA companies.

  4. I’ll defer to those with greater knowledge, of course, but I thought they looked like a classier (the covers, the little case) version of the Moleskine cahiers. I haven’t checked the postage rate to the UK, but I’m willing to bet that I won’t be using these guys very soon. I do like the look of their ‘panoplie’s, though.

  5. I would be willing to go in on a group order. It looks like spending 38 euros would get the order shipped free. I could spring for a three-pack and a pack of pencils, so that’s 16 euros down, 22 to go.

  6. Well, I already blew my wad for the month. Merry Christmas to me, I just purchased a Travelers Notebook with a few accessories.

    There is a stationer in San Francisco that carries them and right now you get a goodie bag with any purchase over $40. Well after the $100 I just blew on this I think I qualified. Gonna have to break down and put all of my books in a pile and send the shot in here 🙂

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