Random Notebook Giveaway!

It’s time for a random giveaway, one that does not require any social media participation. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this page about why you love notebooks! I’ll be picking two lucky winners at random from among the comments. Please enter your email address in the comment submission form so I can contact you if you win– it won’t be shared, sold, or used for any other contact.

The deadline to enter is Friday Dec. 30. Good luck everyone!

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126 Responses to “Random Notebook Giveaway!”

  1. Like some of the other entrants, I love notebooks because they represent potential, a clean slate, a chance to start over. It must all relate somehow to childhood memories of shopping for supplies at the beginning of the school year.

  2. I love notebooks because I able to remember the memory I had in the previous days. The list that I want to do for today and the dream that I have for the future.

    My day would not be complete without my notebook.

    i would love to have a new notebook to join my journey for the year 2012.

    Have a great New Year everyone and keep writing! 🙂

  3. We write in our notebooks our thoughts, our feelings and our ideas, so when we look back on our entries, we can’t erase or undo them, simply because they’ve already been written, they’ve already happened and we can’t change them. We can only re-read, reflect and realize, that we may learn from our own experiences. From that perspective, I guess notebooks help us to be honest, and that’s why I love them.
    Besides, I have a bit of a genius memory going on, so thank you, notebooks, for helping me to remember. 🙂

  4. I’m so excited to have just discovered your blog! It’s nice to know I’m not alone. I have quite a collection going myself, both filled, partially filled and still blank. I enjoy plain books and ones with artwork – it doesn’t matter. Love starting the new year with a blank notebook. I will enjoy going through your old posts and vendor lists, links.

  5. I love notebooks because of the infinite possibilities they hold. I love the look, feel and smell of them and I like to have one with me wherever I go in case I have to write something down. Love this blog!

  6. I love notebooks because on my own journal there are no rules there, and I can write down everything that matters to me, and write it down deeply with only truth.

  7. Notebooks provide a outlet to express ones self. Notebooks dont talk back, dont get mad, and will never let you down (unless you know, they get obliterated somehow).

    Notebooks are the perfect companion when you want to express yourself to your fullest.

  8. I love notebooks because they give me time and space for my thoughts. They don’t run out of power and are so easy to carry.

  9. I like that they are private and not “social”.

  10. I love notebooks b/c all the blank pages conjure up all kinds of possibilities… and I love books, paper & stationery stuff in general. I’m into productivity/self-improvement & notebooks come in real handy for that.

    Fun site. Thanks!

  11. I have been addicted to notebooks for most of my life. I love the way they sound, feel and smell. I most enjoy the numerous possibilities of them. I can put my secrets, fears, hopes, doodles or groceries in them. They are truly limitless in potential and fun.

  12. I love notebooks because they’re pretty much the only way I can let out whatever feelings I have.

  13. i love notebooks because i enjoy writing in my journal by hand. i’ve kept a journal since i was 7 years old; my first entry was dated march 31, 1991. i am writing in my 69th notebook now. in the past couple of years, i’ve even started a fountain pen collection and mixing my own ink colours…

    i’ve already accumulated a stack of blank books, but would love to add more to the pile!

  14. I love notebooks because they are a blank canvas waiting for me to pour out my thoughts, ideas and aspirations. I love writing and notebooks are an integral part of that. In fact, I love stationery in general.

  15. I love notebooks mostly because I love the physical experience of writing. I love the feel of the paper and the act of the pen gliding along to loop through all the letters. I keep a journal both because I love to write and I have a bad memory.

  16. I love notebooks because they carry feelings, thoughts and colors that I don’t want to forget.

  17. Notebooks are more fun to look back on than pages on a computer screen. you can feel the pages. I like that. 🙂

  18. I love the smell. I love going to B&N to browse through all the new notebooks. I like sketching and drawing in them. I like showing them to my little brother and sister. I most of all love the camaraderie between random people i meet and we discover we have the same Moleskine notebook. Thank you for listening :]

  19. I love notebooks because when you look back at what you’ve written, you can tell from your handwriting on the day not only what you were writing about, but where your mind was at, and you can see how that affected what you were writing at the time. It makes a notebook so much more than something you write at the time, if becomes a record of what you were when you wrote it. Yet to find a word document that does that 🙂

  20. I love fountain pens and inks so finding a good notebook to write on is part of the thrill in the quest for the best combination of pen, ink and paper. Not to forget that I need to quickly jot down some notes and ideas from time to time.

  21. For me, notebooks allow me to see my thoughts as they were written. By looking at what pen I chose, how my handwriting looks, and if there were obvious pauses, I can tell how I was feelings I wrote something, giving me an interesting way to look back.

  22. I love being able to work through my feelings in privacy, and having a record of my life – and they never run out of battery life. Plus seeing my colourful collection grow is so satisfying!

  23. Notebooks, fountain pens and ink are the most beautiful metaphors of human thoughts.

  24. I just found this site and am almost as crazy about it as I am about notebooks and journals. I will be spending the better part of my evening here!

  25. I love notebooks because I love to write on them, I love to feel those blank spaces.

  26. I love notebooks because they’re part of my DNA … my father worked at a paper mill for years and years.

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