Random Notebook Giveaway!

It’s time for a random giveaway, one that does not require any social media participation. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this page about why you love notebooks! I’ll be picking two lucky winners at random from among the comments. Please enter your email address in the comment submission form so I can contact you if you win– it won’t be shared, sold, or used for any other contact.

The deadline to enter is Friday Dec. 30. Good luck everyone!

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126 Responses to “Random Notebook Giveaway!”

  1. I love notebooks because apparently I’m wired to be obsessed with them, in addition to ink and fountain pens.

    Also because I love doodling.

  2. First of all, just want to say, thank you for creating such a cool site. It lets me know that I’m not the only person in the world that loves notebooks so much that one must be carried at all times.
    I would love to have another…writing is quite fun and relieves a lot of stress. Plus, it helps me to include all the space and astronomy ideas that are roaming in my head…
    With a new notebook, I can start of the new year with more ideas, plans. and daily doses of memories that will last a lifetime :)

  3. I love notebooks because they combine aesthetically pleasing covers with unlimited potential (provided it has an adequate number of pages 😉 ) between the covers. =D

  4. Oops, I spelled my online name wrong and forgot to put in my email. Please disregard the above entry I made.

    I mostly love notebooks out of convenience, permanence, and reliability!

  5. I like notebooks because I like to be able to feel the heft of the book, the paper, and actually see the ink taking to the pages when I write. I’ll write on every scrap I can find laying around when inspiration strikes, but a notebook allows me to organize my thoughts. I make a lot of Lists and that’s what most of my notebooks are filled with. Notebooks also make it so easy to go back and re-read stuff I’ve written in the past, all in one place. Love the site, thanks again!

  6. I love notebooks (& pens) because of the user interface! Writing in a notebook just feels so good. Moving the pen across the paper…. :-) :-)!

  7. I spend most of my day with computers–pretty much from the moment I wake up and stick my iPhone into my pocket, to work, to hanging out at home, to going to bed at night. I feel the culture of e-mail, especially on the SmartPhone, favors knee-jerk bursts of information rather than honest reflection. I’ve had folks tell me not to send a senior exec anything longer than one screen’s worth of information.

    When writing in a notebook, with a pen, there is time for reflection and thought. As I keep writing, I find connections being made. I pull out my journal to jot down a sentence, and pages pour out. It is the synthesis of thought from varied sources that is processed, and then applied to the situations I’m finding in. It is to e-mail what a snack is to a fine meal.

  8. I love notebooks because I love to write – there is nothing better than a new notebook to start my next adventure

  9. Notebooks equal possibilities. (I’ll be organized! I’ll write a poem! I’ll corral that research!) As an undergrad – oh so many years ago – I used to stitch up a facsimile of a 17th century commonplace book. I’m sure I was insufferable. That was during my “affectation of the week” period. I love *Notebook Stories*, Thanks for creating it.

  10. I love notebooks because I love paper.

  11. Notebooks are time capsules which transport your thoughts and dreams into the hearts and minds of another generation. By reading your own “think-book” You could fall in love with your innocence of yesterday.

  12. You can never have too many notebooks. I’m lost without something to write in or on. iPads are nice but my Leuchtturm doesn’t require batteries.

  13. How do I love notebooks? Let me count…any hoo! I love notebooks because paper is sublime! And because there are so many possibilities open on a blank page 😀
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  14. i love notebooks mainly because i can write down things i see during my travel, my feelings, etc. i also love the various paper materials used in notebooks.

  15. I love notebooks because they are easily customizable. No fiddling around with digital settings! I can easily write sideways, or draw a table, or include a picture or drawing or note in the margin.

  16. One of the many reasons I love notebooks is the potential they represent with their crisp, fresh, smooth, new blank pages.

  17. I like the “no batteries required” nature of notebooks. I can also doodle a topic when visuals are required.

  18. I like notebooks because they can serve as anything – from holding quick lists of to-dos to being offshoots of my memory in years to come.

  19. I like notebooks because it serves a lot of purpose–for to-do lists, quick jotting of things I don’t want to forget, writing stories and thoughts, and just doodling whenever I feel like it. And they’re just very oretty to look at! Lastly, whenever I have a new notebook I’m reminded of the endless possibilities that comes with a clean sheet of paper. It gives me a thrill to think of the many things I can write on the pages!

  20. I love notebooks because they are tangible and real – something I can hold in my hand.

  21. Notebooks help corral my crazy hectic life!

  22. I love notebooks because my ideas flow more freely on them!

  23. I love notebooks because I love to always have a way to record whatever thoughts come my way. And I see each blank one as a challenge.

  24. What isn’t there to love about notebooks? I am surrounded by computers and iThis and iThats but nothing compares to breaking in a fresh notebook, the smell and writing the first word on the crisp opening page are almost euphoric. I live in a very nostalgic world where notebooks and letters trump .docx files and email, the notebooks of my world, the notebooks I love, will never cease to make me smile everyday.

  25. I’m not sure if I love notebooks or am just addicted to them. A blank one sitting on a shelf seems to say ‘with this, anything is possible’.

  26. I probably have more than I can use, and just got 2 more as Christmas Gifts. Also Pens. I always try not to get any more, as a New Year resolution, but can’t help myself, and end up just a couple of days into January breaking my resolutions with something I see on your blog that I can’t resist.

  27. I love notebooks because I have a bad memory.

    I like the texture of the paper, the colors, the way a blank page gives you a million possibilities…

    Have a wonderful 2012 everyone! =D

  28. Notebooks: the paper, the potential, the possibilities. They are useful for lists, for notes, as a diary, for plans, or for just paging through blank pages.

  29. I LOVE notebooks because writing is good for my soul. Keeping a diary, journal, notebooks is one of my habits. And someday just have a look at them. It is so much fun going down memory lane. LOVE those well used and well loved notebooks.

  30. I love notebooks because my memory is an untrustworthy bitch.

  31. A notebook is never far from my side so I can keep my thoughts and sketches safe.

  32. I always carry a small notebook and a pencil in my bag. I like writing down thoughts, ideas or just useful information, many times I also staple images on them: places I’d like to visit or to write about in my blog, items to buy as gifts for my loved ones or just nice pictures that I come across. Notebooks are a part of my daily life.

  33. First of all – I am absolutely in love with this site. I’ve been searching for something like this for a while now.
    I’ve always had some notebooks by my side but now, when I’m older they have become my loyal friends. I love notebooks because I love to start fresh every day and a page is the perfect place to do so. Every page is a new chance.

  34. Regardless of the season, from January to December, no matter the day of the week, what ever time it might be, a note book is within reach. I need this noteboook.

  35. I love notebooks because I love stationery. As a kid, my mum worked in a stationery shop and I would spend ages looking at everything. Plus it runs in the family! My whole family are paper nuts!

  36. I just discovered your blog and can’t wait to read more! I need a notebook now! I want this year to be the year that I write, write, write!!

  37. I love the feel of a new notebook. I love the feel of an old notebook. I love the colors and patterns and sizes they come in. I love the texture of the paper and how my pen feels as it glides over the surface. I love to have one for each thought category that enters my mind.

  38. I love notebooks because i love writing. Its nice to have something pretty to keep it in.

    my email is elail213@yahoo.com

  39. I like to feel the paper inside the notebook, and imagine how would various fountain pen ink colors will manifest themselves on those pages. Sometime I feel notebooks are talking to me… hmm.. that would technically make me crazy, isn’t it? :)

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  40. I love the feel of pen on paper. A free notebook would be even better!

  41. I love notebooks that are unruled so I can jot a note and sketch a little picture alongside to record my days.
    There is a sense of excitement about starting with a fresh clean journal and a saddness in closing up a finished journal, like saying goodbye to a daily friend.

  42. I love notebooks because they let me capture and reflect on the meaningful [and sometimes not so meaningful] parts of my life. I’d be lost without notebooks, fountain pens, and many colors of ink.

  43. I love notebooks because of the infinite possibilities of the clean blank pages. Who knows what amazing things could be created withing?

  44. I love notebooks because they are (semi) permanent, in a digital world.

  45. Because a notebook is lots of ideas I haven’t had yet!

  46. I like notebooks because they are analog instead of digital. There’s something very satisfying about paging through an old diary and seeing how crummy my hand writing was and the silly doodles I drew.

  47. Well…this might be a good opportunity to thank you for the lovely site. This site is my second home…because I know that like-minded people come here…we all LOVE notebooks! I personally love notebooks because my parents used to have a book and stationery shop and I grew up surrounded by pens, paper, notebooks and everything that has to do with writing and reading.
    So yesssss….I hope you randomly pick me :o) One never has enough notebooks right?! By the way…I’m from Holland…am I able to participate?


  48. I love blank notebooks because of the promise and potential.
    I love using notebooks because it is a way to turn ideas and events into a somewhat tangible collection – somewhere between material and experience.
    My favorite notebook currently is my hike journal – a written memento of each day spent at my favorite activity.

  49. Notebooks are a place to say the things I want to say, whether poetry or prose, vent or praise, words or pictures. And my grandmother has been a lifelong journal-keeper, so keeping a notebook reminds me of her and how she has influenced me to live a more reflective and thoughtful life.

  50. I’ve been using notebooks all my life. They have become a passion for me that I share with everyone I can, be it through telling them about notebookstories.com, or taking them to a local stationary shop.

  51. I love to make lists, and no matter how hard I’ve tried, I cannot embrace electronic lists…I need paper!

  52. There’s something about a blank page that makes one feel as though she is starting anew. Blank books = many, many blank pages and many, many new starts. Thank you for NOT requiring any social media use–some of us old folks don’t use Facebook much, and don’t use Twitter at all. But we still like winning!

  53. A notebook is the friend who will listen to anything you have to say–wacky or wise, silly or sublime–without reproach. A notebook just listens, sans point of view, patiently letting you work out the details.

  54. I am a notebook lover because I always am making lists and jotting down ideas. I also secretly wish I were artistic, so I do have a few I practice sketching in as well.

  55. Why I love Notebooks? They give my a rightfull and worthy place for my ideas. It’s also interesting to read other peoples notebook, because their exploding of inspiration and creativity.

  56. My safety blanket and confidant and I love them.

  57. I love notebooks because I have so many things floating around in my mind. I need to free up some space by writing things down, LOL!

  58. I love notebooks and stationery because it gives me the chance to not only write down some of the craziness in my head but to also go back to it and try to get some sort of system into it whenever I feel like I need it.

  59. I love notebooks because my mind could never hold all of the ideas i have, and I have a notebook to remember them before I forget!

  60. I love notebooks because each new one is filled with so much potential! Plus I like the feel of one in my hand, bag, pocket,etc.

  61. I love notebooks because they are easily accessible tools for recording my thoughts and ideas. I always have a notebook with me. Writing and drawing has always helped me get through times when I have been anxious, stressed, or unsure about how I want to live my life.

  62. I LOVE notebooks. The feel and the look of all the different types of notebooks out there. Each one calls to me “take me home”. I think I have a notebook problem. I also love fountain pens and manual typewriters.

  63. I have loved notebooks since I was a little girl and everyone in my 3rd grade class started to keep a journal as an assignment. I love being able to “dump” my day in the notebook and feel uplifted afterward.

    I never got into the whole PDA thing. I have to write everything down – every appointment, every list, every story idea….

  64. I love notebooks since I’ve learned to hold a pencil. With them, we have no limits. We can create, remember and live forever.

  65. Notebooks, How can I count the ways?

    In a word, my wallet for ideas.

    Happy New Year!


  66. I love notebooks, because they are easy to carry around, thus you can write an idea down right after it comes to your head. Also because I’m a paper quality freak.

  67. Notebooks are my brain outside of my brain. I need them to function normally.

  68. I love notebooks because I’ve always loved notebooks. Even as a kid, I would spend my allowance on pens and notebooks. Notebooks, to me, represent possibilities, and creativity. I write a lot, and notebooks help me work through emotions and situations.

  69. There are few things that shout out ‘possibility’ quite as loudly as the blank pages of a fresh notebook.

  70. I love notebooks because I love to fill up blank books with words, drawings, random thoughts, everything really! I’ve been more in love since I started to make some of my own, it’s a great way to make them even more special. I’ve to take a photo of my collection!

  71. I love notebooks. I love looking at them, holding them and even smelling them. (yeah, weird I know)

  72. I love notebooks because even when blank, they are chock full of amazing possibilities.

  73. I like notebooks because they just really make me happy. And it just makes my life a bit easier because I just write everything down that comes up in my head so I can sort out my feelings.

  74. I like notebooks because they give me a sense of well-being and calm just by having them within reach.

  75. I love giveaways!

  76. Right now I am liking small notebooks I can carry in my pocket. It really does help when you need to make some quick notes suddenly of things to remember later. But overall, I do like a nice, simple notebook for my journaling.

    Best, and keep on blogging.

  77. I love notebooks because empty, they are my future. Full, they are my history. Paper is precious, whether blank or not. It can be anything. But most importantly, to me, paper can record, save. My notebooks hold the imprint of my days, my hands, my mind. No matter how embarrassed I might feel rereading the older ones, I’m still grateful to get a chance to relive my thoughts and gain new insights on my past dilemmas and questions and stories. A pile of notebooks at hand makes me feel as rich and capable as any king.

  78. I love notebooks because they’re the gift that keeps on giving. First, they’re always interesting to look at and touch, and then once I start filling the pages up with drawings and words, I learn more about myself and that helps me grow and change. With a new year coming, a new batch of notebooks would be pretty keen!

  79. Hi. I love notebooks because I like to smell the paper. I love printing photos and putting them in notebooks with journaling. Thank you!

  80. I love journals because I am nostalgic and still enjoy writing by hand, although I spend hours a day on my laptop. I write book reviews for a living and love to scribe my thoughts about every book in a blank, lined journal as I am reading. I actually found your website performing a search for beautiful, blank lined journals, especially since I need a new one for 2011. Thanks for the opportunity to win a journal! :)

  81. I love love LOVE notebooks because:
    a) I may or may not be a little self-indulgent and love to write about my life and thoughts and dreams.
    b) blank pages, although truly intimidating, are also beautiful, and notebooks are basically A BUNCH OF THEM ALL TOGETHER.
    c) they’re so pretty! Even plain ones have a SOMETHING about them.
    d) other people are suddenly interested in me when they see me writing in a notebook… I mean, not necessarily in THAT way (although, strangely enough, I’ve gotten a few of those). Notebooks are a magnet for interesting people.

    That’s about it! Thanks for this blog! Truly addicting for other notebook addicts like me.

  82. What’s not to love? I love the feel of the paper, I love the idea of storing thoughts and ideas in them, I love sharing them with friends, I love the challenge of filling a blank page. I just love notebooks.

  83. I love their aesthetics. I love how they can be filled with secret things.

  84. I’ve always gravitated towards notebooks. I just love all shapes, sizes, styles, covers, and paper types!

  85. I love notebooks because they give me a way to work out my thoughts and they help me remember what I was thinking in past situations

  86. I also love to be able to unplug from my electronics once in a while and enjoy a technology that will not fade.

  87. Just just love them. Want to have everyone, even i do not need them. :) They just give me space for my ideas, thoughts, plans, wishes…

  88. The notion of a person’s written words residing close to them in a closed repository is beautiful to me.

    If the soul leaves the body completely at someone’s passing, it takes lovely steps through that door one page at a time within the relationship that occurs between the writer and their book.

  89. It’s the sheer potential found in notebooks -and their owner- that makes these bound pages unique and lovable. It could hold anything, be anything. It might forever stay blank.

    That’s my attempt at rationalizing it. For the most part, I just love notebooks because I do. There’s really no reason for it (no love deserves a reason, anyways).

  90. I love notebooks because I love to draw. Every page is a new start and every notebook is like a time piece. To see your skill improve you need only flick through your last one. They can go with you anywhere so you can share your life with them.

    I like the idea of my great grand kids knowing a little what I was like when they read my treasured notebooks.

  91. A notebook is the best friend anyone can ever have. You can write down anything in it – confusing thoughts, sweet sentiments, deep musings and even meaningless randomness. People come and go. A notebook stays. <3

  92. Cool contest. I like notebooks because they’re a private way to document life. No batteries required.

  93. How about? They started out as my pocket sized counsellor- that listened to my worries and problems. They became my teacher allowing me to try drawing and never criticizing. Their now my constant companion and friend.

    Or maybe they’re just ….NICE to have to hold and write and draw in . .

  94. I love notebooks because
    – they give a physical feel of memories every time I read my own entries
    – I enjoy the sheer pleasure of writing on them, especially with a fountain pen
    – I love seeing my thoughts becoming permanent on paper — for someone of my family to read it half a century later
    – the paper, the binding, the cover and the smell work a magic spell on me everytime I hold a well-crafted notebook in my hand.

    Notebooks will always be there notwithstanding strides made by technology.

  95. I love notebooks, because I can carry them with me where ever I go. Because I love the paper, the smell of them and the way they look. Picking out a new journal/notebook for me is like being a kid in a candystore and I will never get enough of it!

  96. I love notebooks because there’s something about the empty spaces, just waiting to be filled, pulling me in to immortalize all of my feelings, my thoughts, my anger and frustrations, everything. They hold so much of me, yet, there’s this guarantee that they wouldn’t tell a soul, just because they couldn’t.

  97. I had a great year, filling up 5 notebooks and I need different ones for inspiration!

  98. Loving notebooks; they can hold so much…..to-do lists, recipes, plans, dreams and even secrets!

  99. I love notebooks because I love paper and fountain pens. I can always use a notebook.

  100. Notebooks are survival tools – I have too much information, both factual and creative, to store. They are the only way for me to maintain and organize it all.

  101. Like some of the other entrants, I love notebooks because they represent potential, a clean slate, a chance to start over. It must all relate somehow to childhood memories of shopping for supplies at the beginning of the school year.

  102. I love notebooks because I able to remember the memory I had in the previous days. The list that I want to do for today and the dream that I have for the future.

    My day would not be complete without my notebook.

    i would love to have a new notebook to join my journey for the year 2012.

    Have a great New Year everyone and keep writing! :)

  103. We write in our notebooks our thoughts, our feelings and our ideas, so when we look back on our entries, we can’t erase or undo them, simply because they’ve already been written, they’ve already happened and we can’t change them. We can only re-read, reflect and realize, that we may learn from our own experiences. From that perspective, I guess notebooks help us to be honest, and that’s why I love them.
    Besides, I have a bit of a genius memory going on, so thank you, notebooks, for helping me to remember. :)

  104. I’m so excited to have just discovered your blog! It’s nice to know I’m not alone. I have quite a collection going myself, both filled, partially filled and still blank. I enjoy plain books and ones with artwork – it doesn’t matter. Love starting the new year with a blank notebook. I will enjoy going through your old posts and vendor lists, links.

  105. I love notebooks because of the infinite possibilities they hold. I love the look, feel and smell of them and I like to have one with me wherever I go in case I have to write something down. Love this blog!

  106. I love notebooks because on my own journal there are no rules there, and I can write down everything that matters to me, and write it down deeply with only truth.

  107. Notebooks provide a outlet to express ones self. Notebooks dont talk back, dont get mad, and will never let you down (unless you know, they get obliterated somehow).

    Notebooks are the perfect companion when you want to express yourself to your fullest.

  108. I love notebooks because they give me time and space for my thoughts. They don’t run out of power and are so easy to carry.

  109. I like that they are private and not “social”.

  110. I love notebooks b/c all the blank pages conjure up all kinds of possibilities… and I love books, paper & stationery stuff in general. I’m into productivity/self-improvement & notebooks come in real handy for that.

    Fun site. Thanks!

  111. I have been addicted to notebooks for most of my life. I love the way they sound, feel and smell. I most enjoy the numerous possibilities of them. I can put my secrets, fears, hopes, doodles or groceries in them. They are truly limitless in potential and fun.

  112. I love notebooks because they’re pretty much the only way I can let out whatever feelings I have.

  113. i love notebooks because i enjoy writing in my journal by hand. i’ve kept a journal since i was 7 years old; my first entry was dated march 31, 1991. i am writing in my 69th notebook now. in the past couple of years, i’ve even started a fountain pen collection and mixing my own ink colours…

    i’ve already accumulated a stack of blank books, but would love to add more to the pile!

  114. I love notebooks because they are a blank canvas waiting for me to pour out my thoughts, ideas and aspirations. I love writing and notebooks are an integral part of that. In fact, I love stationery in general.

  115. I love notebooks mostly because I love the physical experience of writing. I love the feel of the paper and the act of the pen gliding along to loop through all the letters. I keep a journal both because I love to write and I have a bad memory.

  116. I love notebooks because they carry feelings, thoughts and colors that I don’t want to forget.

  117. Notebooks are more fun to look back on than pages on a computer screen. you can feel the pages. I like that. :)

  118. I love the smell. I love going to B&N to browse through all the new notebooks. I like sketching and drawing in them. I like showing them to my little brother and sister. I most of all love the camaraderie between random people i meet and we discover we have the same Moleskine notebook. Thank you for listening :]

  119. I love notebooks because when you look back at what you’ve written, you can tell from your handwriting on the day not only what you were writing about, but where your mind was at, and you can see how that affected what you were writing at the time. It makes a notebook so much more than something you write at the time, if becomes a record of what you were when you wrote it. Yet to find a word document that does that :)

  120. I love fountain pens and inks so finding a good notebook to write on is part of the thrill in the quest for the best combination of pen, ink and paper. Not to forget that I need to quickly jot down some notes and ideas from time to time.

  121. For me, notebooks allow me to see my thoughts as they were written. By looking at what pen I chose, how my handwriting looks, and if there were obvious pauses, I can tell how I was feelings I wrote something, giving me an interesting way to look back.

  122. I love being able to work through my feelings in privacy, and having a record of my life – and they never run out of battery life. Plus seeing my colourful collection grow is so satisfying!

  123. Notebooks, fountain pens and ink are the most beautiful metaphors of human thoughts.

  124. I just found this site and am almost as crazy about it as I am about notebooks and journals. I will be spending the better part of my evening here!

  125. I love notebooks because I love to write on them, I love to feel those blank spaces.

  126. I love notebooks because they’re part of my DNA … my father worked at a paper mill for years and years.

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