Notebook Addict of the Week: Allie

This week’s addict emailed me a few months ago about her love for notebooks:

Hello there. I’m Allie, fourteen years old, and completely in love with your blog. Honestly, I didn’t know that there were so many brands that I was not familiar with!

I’m a self confessed notebook junkie, owning over 80 notebooks, not including my school notebooks and fillers. I use them for practicing my lettering, my calligraphy, for my stories, for jotting down my thoughts and dreams . . . practically everything that could be documented.

I discovered my little penchant for writing when I was in first grade; I was around seven years old. I had this little Hello Kitty spiraled notebook that they sold for less than fifty pesos (less than a dollar). I wrote down there my dreams, my daily to-do lists, the things that happened to me that day. I remember using to stick very insignificant things there, like a chocolate wrapper from my ex-crush and a note from my teacher saying that I did a good job.

After a while, that got filled, and I started saving up money to buy another notebook. And then another, and then another. And then I started using spare notebooks from my school, which I didn’t appreciate much since they were spiraled, had the school logo, and the fact that I’m left handed.

But notebooks will be notebooks. As my dad says, “It’s not in the kind or brand of notebook that makes you a writer. It’s what you write in it.”


When I was going through my emails from readers, I thought her name seemed familiar, and then I realized it was because she won one of my recent giveaways! So I know she already has at least one more notebook beyond what’s in these photos:

That is a lot of notebooks, especially for someone who is only 14 years old! Thanks for sharing your notebook addiction, Allie!

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8 Responses to “Notebook Addict of the Week: Allie”

  1. You go, Allie. Wish my addiction would have started that young.

  2. Wow Allie, this is a brilliant collection! Good luck with your future writing endeavors:)

  3. What an erudite and well educated young lady! Some 14 year olds in UK have difficulty writing their own name in their own language. Allie obviously has a brilliant writing future.

  4. notes have good quality for sure.

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  6. What a fantastic collection! It’s great to see teenagers writing like this.
    Also Colin don’t fear, I’m working in a school, have been for 8 years and in the UK we have implemented a diary writing project for all ages from 5-18! Lots of children are working fantastically on it. The UK has a lot of great teenage writers too.

  7. wonderful!

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