Notebook Addict of the Week: Ana

This week’s addict blogs at The Well Appointed Desk, and emailed me this “confessional” about her love for notebooks:

I think I go beyond a notebook story into a full-blown confessional. I am an equal-opportunity notebook luster. From the lowly marble-covered composition notebook to the gilt-edged beauties, I love them all and each will eventually be filled for a different purpose. A small cahier (like the Field Notes) is just the thing for pocket or glovebox for grocery lists or to jot down the title of the next must-have book. A thick austere-covered notebooks like a Moleskine is the perfect place for all those bits of paper I collect to be pasted down and annotated with comments. A notebook with lines or decorated pages are just the thing for meeting notes to spice up those blah-de-blah to-do lists. Handbound journals are for future travels or fits of verbal creativity, sketchbooks for doodles, sketching and calligraphy practice and utilitarian scratchpads for those emergencies when any flat surface will do and a sheet might be torn off and handed to someone on a mission!

Just thought I would come clean. I too am a notebook junkie. You should see the pile of already used notebooks!


That’s definitely a well-appointed notebook collection!
Thanks for sharing your addiction, Ana!
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  1. Is it just me or are the pics broken?

  2. I just updated the images, they should work now.

  3. Thanks for posting the confessional. All hail Notebook Addicts!

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