Notebook Addict of the Week: Someone on Twitter?!?!

The image below was submitted as an addict of the week candidate a while ago, and I’ve somehow lost track of who sent it! But it looks like a lovely collection. My apologies for losing track of who this came from– if these are your notebooks, please let me know so I can give proper […]

Call for Entries: Moleskine Grand Central Terminal Sketchbook

Act fast, the deadline for this is approaching fast! Grand Central Terminal, one of New York City’s most beloved monuments, will celebrate its centennial in 2013. A year-long series of events and projects — from art commissions and exhibitions to presentations and performances — is in the works. The Architectural League, at the invitation of […]

Small Sketchbook Paintings

Beautiful little gems in a sketchbook, which could be a HandBook Artist Journal (not sure): Lots more great images at Design You Trust and

Notebook Addict of the Week: Arif

Arif wrote to me from Turkey, where he has amassed this collection of notebooks:   Quite a wide variety, and I love how beat up some of those spiral notebooks look! Thanks for sharing your addiction, Arif!

How Did Your Notebook Collection Start?

A reader named Marjorie wrote to ask how my notebook collection started. It’s hard for me to remember exactly, because I’ve loved notebooks since before I can even remember! My parents have said that when I was about 3, I was already folding pieces of paper in to little booklets to scribble on. A few […]

Letterpress Notepads

Spotted these a while back at DesignSponge– there are so many great letterpress stationery items lately!   See more at letterpress notebook collection from paper lovely | DesignSponge.

Moleskine Monday: Blogging on Paper

I love this idea– writing and drawing a blog in a notebook and then scanning the pages into an online blog. I’ll have to try it sometime!     Takashi Betsui’s day job at an ad agency in Tokyo is decidedly digital, but his blogging life is much more analog than you’d expect. In fact, […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Ana

This week’s addict emailed me from the Philippines to share her notebook addiction:   i have a few collection and only 5 of this are currently in use… i am mostly using my notebooks as scrapbook/travel journal or art/junk journal of anything that i want to keep… attached is a photo of my notebooks, (i […]

The Discovery of Streptomycin Recorded in Lab Notebooks

The notebook below helped solve a decades-old scientific mystery: who deserved credit for discovering the antibiotic streptomycin? For as long as archivists at Rutgers University could remember, a small cardboard box marked with the letter W in black ink had sat unopened in a dusty corner of the special collections of the Alexander Library. Next […]

Review: Rebel Arts Notebook

Here’s a neat little notebook that I picked up at the DIA Beacon shop, which was an interesting place to look for notebooks, as some of them seemed to be shelved in amongst all the art books, according to whatever artist made them. In this case, the artist is Shepard Fairey, who is best known […]