What To Do With Too Many Notebooks? My Idea… and Your Feedback, Please!

I’ve been trying to do some spring cleaning lately, as I’ll be moving soon. The size of my notebook collection has grown to daunting levels in the last couple of years, and when I contemplate having to move everything to a new home, it’s a bit scary! I love my notebooks, but even I have […]

Moleskine Monday: Art by Bunny Mazhari

An amazing series of paintings in a Moleskine, by Bunny Mazhari, including this one: See more at Bunny Mazhari The Overflow: We Kept Watch – Moleskine Art.

Notebook Addict of the Week: Anony

This week’s addict is Anony, who blogs at A Solitary Chant. Anony emailed me to say: I am a fan of your blog. I love notebooks and really enjoy the Notebook Addict of the Week posts. I thought I’d like to share my collection. I live in the US and I’ve kept a journal since […]

3D Sketchbook Art

This is so cool, an incredible 3D illusion: See more here, and make sure you watch the video!

Moleskine Monday: Great Lakes Writing Set on Etsy

This is pretty cute: This “great” writing set features the Great Lakes – Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior! The set includes a notebook and 5 pencils. The notebook is a blue softcover Moleskine Cahier notebook silkscreened with a silhouette of the lakes in light blue. It’s perfect for taking notes or doodles and is […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Joe O

This week’s addict emailed me some photos of his extensive collection. Lots of used notebooks and lots of new ones waiting to be filled: Image 1 is one of my boxes of used notebooks (I have four of these)   Image 2 are some of my new notebooks highlights include: A nice Paul Smith which […]

An Aboriginal Activist’s Notebooks

A really interesting find! There is a video at the link below– you can see the notebooks at about 1:30. Three rare handwritten notebooks from the first Indigenous activist to campaign overseas have been given a permanent home in Canberra. Anthony Martin Fernando left Sydney in the 1890s and travelled throughout Europe, publicising the plight […]

Avionics Notebooks from Makani Power

This is pretty neat: Makani Power is a company that is developing airborne wind turbines as an energy source. On their blog, they are posting various notebook pages by their engineers showing their work in progress: Eric Chin’s Avionics Notebooks. Peter Kinne’s H-Tail Test Sketches Notebooks: Dr. Paula Echeverri

12-Inch Notes: Notebooks Made from Record Album Covers

This is a really cool video showing the process of making notebooks out of old record album covers: Via Handmade notebooks made from recycled album covers — Lost At E Minor: For creative people.

Silicon Valley Notebooks

I don’t think I would understand the contents of these notebooks, but I’d love to see them nonetheless. I couldn’t be writing this blog without them!   The founding documents of Silicon Valley — the tech equivalent of the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution — were stacked on a table in […]