Notebook Addict of the Week: Ashly

Ashly emailed me this photo of her “evergrowing” collection:   I didn’t get any details about what brands these are or where they were bought, but some of them look like they are from Asia. I’d love to know more, it’s an interesting collection. Thanks for sharing your addiction, Ashly!

Review: Pelle Journal

I was contacted by the maker of the Pelle Journal a few months back and was very excited to have the opportunity to review one. It was compared to the Midori Passport Size Travelers Journal, but it’s handmade in California. Let’s take a look at what this journal has to offer. First of all, you’ll […]

11 Notebooks at Design Bureau

A yummy selection! Read more and find out where to buy at Design Bureau 11 Notebooks | Back to School Gear » Design Bureau.

Moleskine Monday: A Comparison vs. the Bound Custom Journal

An interesting side-by-side comparison of the Moleskine City notebook for Paris, vs. a Bound Custom Journal with Paris map pages. The writer admits he’s a bit biased as it’s on Bound’s own blog, but I think he did a very fair comparison of each notebook’s features. I haven’t tried a Bound journal yet, but I […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Cheryl

This week’s addict is a fellow Brooklyn resident who works as an editor and blogs at Brooklyn Arden. In a post about how she uses notebooks in her work life, she shares this photo of notebooks she’s used since 2001: As an editor, she says she has “a long, long list of priorities to juggle […]

Notebooks from South Korea

A friend of mine just recently came to visit, bearing gifts from South Korea. She knew just what I’d like! Notebooks and other stationery goodies:   I love the wacky use of the English language. And even though they aren’t notebooks, who can resist puffy sushi stickers!?!

Notebook Addict of the Week: WONDERRRGIRL

Here’s an addict I found while just surfing around the internet. Wonderrrgirl is a student from Singapore. She loves notebooks, and she takes beautiful notes in them! Wonderrrgirl says: This post is about notebooks. It’s half of the collection of all the notebooks that I’ve kept in my life (I’m really too lazy to drag […]

“What catches your eye when buying a new notebook or journal?”

A reader named Steve asked this question in response to my Notebooks from Portugal post. I have been “collecting” journals and notebooks for several years. I guess I’m first attracted to the cover and material first and then the pages. Then, after I’ve made the purchase, do I start to think about something useful for […]

Well-Used Brunnen Kompagnon Notebook

I bookmarked a post from Bleistift several months ago because I just loved these images of a Brunnen Kompagnon notebook:   Read more about the author’s usage of the notebook and search to replace it at Brunnen Kompagnon – out with the old… » Bleistift.

From a Medical Illustrator’s Sketchbook

I just love this image: See more at Sayaka Isowa’s website. Found via Image of the Week: Pages from a medical illustrator’s sketchbook | Scope Blog.