Update from Notebook Stories HQ

I am happy to report that my notebooks and I are safely high and dry in Brooklyn, but some of the rest of the city isn’t so lucky. What a terrible storm this has turned out to be, with horrible flooding, fires, power outages and trees falling. I’m not sure when I’ll next be able to take a subway into Manhattan to go to work. And my company’s email network isn’t even working until they restore power to more of Manhattan. But at least I have electricity and internet and TV and phone service here at home. And plenty of notebooks to scribble in! Some of them are even stored in waterproof containers, which is starting to seem like a really good idea…

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3 Responses to “Update from Notebook Stories HQ”

  1. Glad you’re safe. We here in Virginia dodged the bullet (sort of) but it’s terrible that NYC and NJ had to take it.

  2. Stay safe and dry! I’m glad you still have power! *knocks on wood*

  3. Happy to hear that you (and the notebooks lol) are okay!

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