Take Note Conference

A reader named LC tipped me off to this interesting conference happening this coming weekend at Harvard:

“Take Note” brings together scholars from literature, history, media studies, information science, and computer science to explore the past and future roles of note-taking across the university. Panelists will discuss the history of note-taking in different disciplines as well as the potential of emerging digital annotation tools.

Part of the conference is a virtual exhibition, with online images of some examples of note-taking throughout the ages.

Anyone can view it here.


Thanks for the info LC!

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4 Responses to “Take Note Conference”

  1. This is delightful! I’ve been watching the live webcast on and off for an hour. The link to the scanned and photo-reproductions of manuscripts was just crazy fun. So many cool samples of handwriting and technique and media. Then I started exploring the rest of the links form the Radcliffe site. I’m going to lose many hours here. Thank you for the story, Nifty!

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