Notebook Addict of the Week: David duChemin

A reader named Colin tipped me off to this week’s addict: David duChemin is a photographer and writer who has taken his notebooks with him on many travels. Below are 8 years’ worth of Moleskines:   David writes These books have checklists (with little boxes for checking), ideas (little light-bulbs), simple drawings, phone numbers, names […]

Ballpoint in a Sketchbook

I came across a blog post by Daryl Balcombe, who expresses that common wish for a sketchbook to be full of beautiful, finished work on every page, but acknowledges that it’s ok if it isn’t: at the end of the day a sketchbook is the right place for me to scrawl and vent my frustrations […]

Moleskine Monday: Exclusive at Target?

A reader named Jessie wrote to ask me about an interesting Moleskine she’d bought at Target a couple of months ago: So I was perusing Target over the weekend and found an unusual Moleskine design that I hadn’t seen anywhere before. So I bought it. It’s a hard cover pocket size ruled notebook WITH a […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Julie

Julie emailed me a link to a blog post she wrote about how she’s always been a collector of one thing or another, but usually those collections are just passing fancies. However, she notes, “notebooks are a different story.” I love notebooks. Not only are they useful but they are so pretty too. They combine […]

Things to Come

I have a big to-do list for this blog. Here’s some of the notebooks and things I’ve got waiting in the wings for future coverage, some of which I’ve been meaning to get to for ages: Miquelrius Boarding notebook 0.00 Night and Young Guns Moleskine books Piccadilly Softcover Notebook Assorted Japanese notebooks from Kinokuniya Bookstore […]

Rollbahn at J. Crew!

I guess the supposed “cult” notebook brand Rollbahn has jumped the shark: you can order one from the J. Crew catalog!

“Please Return My Notebooks”

Sad… if my bag were stolen, I’d probably be begging for my notebooks back too! A woman whose purse was stolen ‘pleads with the purse thief to keep the money but at least return her notebooks. “I had been working on those notes, ideas, and stories for YEARS and you have no idea how SAD […]

Moleskine Monday: The Detour Book

Brain Pickings offers a nice look inside a new book from Moleskine: The Detour Book, which I’m sure I’ll soon add to my ever-growing collection of books about notebooks and sketchbooks!   Read more at Moleskine Detour: Inside the Notebooks of Beloved Creative Icons | Brain Pickings.

Notebook Addict of the Week (again): Kara

She’s baaaack! Kara was our notebook addict of the week back in April, and she’s sent me some follow-up photos of her collection in its current state:   Kara says “This past week I had a day off and decided to group all of my journals from every corner of the house to see what […]

Review: Bound Custom Journals

I’ve had my eye on Bound Custom Journals for a while. The company was launched in 2011 after a successful Kickstarter campaign, inspired by founder Joel Sadler’s desire for a customized travel journal. The result is pretty extraordinary: a website where you can build custom notebooks page by page, with all manner of page templates […]